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The Best Eero Mounts for Every Surface of Your Home – Review Geek

The Eero may be the slimmest mesh routing solution on the market. It has a simple design and serves a simple purpose. Wi-Fi spread throughout the house. Well, leaving such a nice system on the edge of a desk or behind a TV is a shame … why not mount it?

A mounted Eero not only looks great, it also has better Wi-Fi coverage than an Eero is on a coffee table or behind a TV. A router that experiences a lot of interference (like the one that was behind my couch) simply does not connect as it should. However, this is not a question of form over the function. Mounting your Eero is just the smartest. Luckily, the best mounts for the Eero are all cheap, and only one of our most popular mounts costs more than $ 1


DG-Direct Outlet Mount ($ 11.99)

The DG-Direct is the simplest mounting solution for your Eero. There are no brackets or screws needed, you just put the Eero in the holder, put it in a socket and forget it. But my favorite thing about this mount is the way in which the Eero's power cord is out of sight. It's a tidy look that removes the eye gap from loose cables.

No, this is not a wall mount. If the outlet in which you put this bad boy is not over a kitchen counter, there is a good chance that you will not see improved performance with this holder. If you are not too worried about interference, the DG-Direct is a great and convenient mounting solution. Just to repeat it; The DG-Direct stows your cables and requires no installation.

Mrount Wall Mount ($ 9.59)

If you are just looking for a simple wall mount, you can also call the Mrount your best friend. It's a simple piece of hardware that needs to be installed. Simply drill the bracket shaped bracket into a wall and then slide the Eero into the bracket. The inconspicuous design of the Mrount offers many versatility as it looks great and works virtually anywhere.

You can not pass the Eero power cords through the wall when using the Mrount, but there is not much

HumanCentric Wall and Ceiling Mount ($ 9.99)

The HumanCentric Wall and Ceiling Mount will see Elegant and their black hardware is a nice contrast to the eggshell color of Eero. Like other ceiling mounts, the HumanCentric holds your Eero firmly under control, so you do not have to worry about it falling off the ceiling.

The Humancentric mount is easy to mount – simply drill the mount into a wall or ceiling and then hammer the router into it. If you are worried about cable management, you should invest in a few sleeves because you can not lay cables behind the wall for this bracket.

MYRIANN wall and ceiling mount ($ 8.99)

When the MYRIANN is set up with an Eero, you can not help thinking of a thermostat or a fire alarm. It has a simple, no-frills look and is a great option for people who want their Eero routers to look more like a household program rather than a fancy router.

The installation for the MYRIANN is not complicated. With the MYRIANN, however, you have the opportunity to run power cables through the wall, which can be a selling point for people who do not want to hang a few cables from the ceiling.

Relassy Wall and Ceiling Mount (Two Pack) (17.99 $)

If you need a bit of flexibility during the installation process, take a look at Relassy. Unlike all other mounting options, the Relassy is suitable for smooth walls, glass and metal (yes, you can also put it on drywall). In case you are afraid that it will fall off the ceiling or be stolen, pens will be included to hold the Eero.

Despite the flexibility of the Relassy wall and ceiling mount, you have no way to lay cables through the walls, but that's a reasonable limitation if you're trying to install this thing on metal or glass.

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