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The Best Electric Can Openers For Quick And Safe Opening Of Cans – Review Geek

  An Electric Can Opener
Hamilton Beach

If you use a lot of canned food in your home, you are really doing a disservice if you do not have an electric opener. Read on to find out more about the best options.

Many cans now offer ring pulls, but there are many exceptions. A manual can opener is ideal for camping, but at home (and with a power source) it's much easier to plug in a can opener and do all the work. This is even more important if you have disabilities or weaknesses that make it difficult for you to do things with your hands.

A good electric can opener does not have to cost a fortune, so here's a selection of the best appliances. along with details on how they can help you.

Best Overall: Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener ($ 30)

  Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener
Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a regular meeting place for good quality kitchen appliances. This is certainly the case with Smooth Touch automatic automatic can opener.

It's the most expensive can opener here, but it will take a long time. Simply place your can on top of the unit and hold the large lever over it, and the can opener will do the rest. The push-down lever is just the right size, so you will not have a problem even with mobility issues. It is not necessary to stick to anything fumbling.

The device has a side cutting system that removes the top and leaves a smooth edge, reducing the risk of you cutting off your finger at any point. It works on both standard cans and cans with pop-top lids, which means that there is little that it can not handle. It also looks pretty appealing.

Best Combined Can Opener: Hamilton Beach Classic – Heavyweight Can Opener ($ 20)

  Hamilton Beach Classic - Can Opener
Hamilton Beach

Twice where Hamilton Beach rules the guest? Good yes. In the case of the Classic Chrome Heavyweight can opener, this has the advantage that a knife sharpener is attached to the underside of the device. Is it as good as a dedicated knife sharpener? Not exactly, but for the average user, it's far better than just getting the knives bored, which is far too common for many people traveling in their kitchen. In addition, the can opener is safe and robust and capable with anyone you can try it. It has a magnet on the top so you can cling to it while doing its magic. The cutting unit is also removable so you can safely and easily remove it from the rest of the unit. It is a high quality combination unit.

Best Hand Can Opener: Instecho Electric Can Opener (20 $)

  Instecho Electric Can Opener

A handheld can opener can be very useful if you have limited space in your kitchen and you do not want to Need space for another electrical unit. The Instecho Electric Can Opener is small enough to stow in a drawer, yet it's so competent that you do not have to worry about manually opening a can.

You just have to put it on a tin button on the bottom of the device. It requires some pressure, but nothing too big. Instead, it's as effortless as it sounds and perfect for people who have problems with their hands or want a smaller electric can opener that they do not have to leave on the counter. While the lid is being cut out, it also smoothes the edges, creating an easily reclosable lid with a smooth edge at the end. What more can you want?

Best Budget Option: Proctor Silex Can Opener ($ 12)

  Proctor Silex Can Opener
Proctor Silex

A good, old-fashioned, indescribable can opener still works just as well as a stylish-looking example. If you do not use one very often, but still want the convenience of using an electrical appliance, try the Proctor Silex Electric Can Opener.

It does not sound as exciting as it sounds, but it has all the necessary fundamentals. This includes a magnet to hold the can on the cutting area and even a simple knife sharpener on the back of the unit. This is not really for anyone who wants a stylish kitchen, and we're not sure if it's more durable than more expensive models. However, if opening cans is only an occasional matter, then do it well.

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