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The best equipment and equipment for the tailgate

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I went to the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) And in Athens, Georgia, tailgating is big business. It seems that some people always have the coolest setups ̵

1; and they update them every year with great new hatchback equipment and gadgets. Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to watch a game this year and test some of the latest tailgate equipment and equipment. I was definitely impressed.

From BBQ accessories to lounge chairs with a logo to something for the four-legged fans, all of this would be a great gift for the football fan in your life. Take a look at the best pieces of equipment and gadgets and always win the prelude.

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The Home Depot

Do not even let me start with this amazing barbecue. Seriously, I left college for a few years and stayed away from the tailgate scene, and suddenly we're in the future. This grill allows you to control its temperature, as well as the temperature of the food, all from an app on your phone. It also has many handy features, such as an additional grill grate and TurboTemp, which allow rapid temperature changes. Seriously. You do not have to miss a single piece. Use it to grill or smoke your favorite tailgate.

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This much smaller propane grill is extremely portable with a full 189 square inch cooking surface and push button ignition for your most basic tailgating needs. Propane tanks are sold separately.

The Home Depot

If you can control everything else through your phone, your generator should not be an exception. This 2300-watt gasoline-powered generator is very quiet and has 1800 watts of power to power your radio, your electric grill, your TV, or whatever else you take with you. It also has an LCD screen that displays real-time fuel and runtime data.


Tailgating without a legitimate table is like drinking a martini at room temperature. I will do it, but I will not like it. This perfect pop-up table will slip directly into the back of your car and even has cup holders for your coldies.


I know that I'm a different Georgia team, but if you're the best, you just can not help it. You can also totally order these with other team logos (but why should you, really?). This chair has a built-in cooler for up to six cans, a cup holder and a side storage bag. It folds up so you can easily pack it after the dirty birds at home take the win.

Do not get caught by a hot barbecue, burgers waiting and no utensils to handle them. This set of quality BBQ tools comes with a wrap canvas cook to keep them safe and sound after use.


Tailgate means making the most of the trunk or tailgate and finding things easy to set up. One way to ensure this is to use this organizer with compartments and four mesh pockets to store smaller items such as cutlery and napkins.


Also think about your puppy while keeping your drinks cool! I noticed so many dogs when I was playing and worried about how they stayed hydrated. I actually tried this little fountain and my dogs love it. It keeps the water cool and in motion, holding up to 2 gallons.

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The only thing worse than getting caught without grilling utensils would be to be caught with unseasoned meat. These refillable spice containers are great for salt, pepper and a good dry grated or Cajun spice.


This tool kit rightly has everything you need for a tailgate meal, from barbecues to scissors for unexpected home improvement projects, to chef's knives and cutting boards.


The great thing about this cool backpack is how easy it is to spin it around and straighten it in tight spaces. This fully leak-proof and highly insulated backpack protects your meat from spoiling and your beer from warming.


Music is a must for any hatchback that earns its weight. So make a high-quality yet easy-to-use sound system like this Bose SoundLink. It is loud, clear and resistant to water (beer).

Tailgating can be an environmental disaster if you are not careful. Take a bag to collect cans and bottles for recycling, and try using biodegradable plates and cutlery like this smart set of wooden forks and knives. A set of 300 costs only $ 30 and should last the whole season.

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The creators of the Hopsulator were definitely not drunk when they designed this ingenious device. The Superkoozy holds both 12 ounce and 16 ounce beer cans and looks damn good.

This article was written by Brittany Loggins for Chowhound.

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