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The Best Google Home Mini Mounts for Your Outlets, Walls and Ceiling – Review Geek

So, have you spilled something on your Google Home Mini? Or did they bump into the abyss behind a dresser? If you're worried about beating up your digital assistant, maybe it's time to consider your mounting options.

It's hard to find a good, old-fashioned bar counter for your home mini. The thing is, you're dealing with a piece of hardware that's small and easy to abuse. If you leave the Mini on a coffee table, there is some risk, but it may not hear your voice commands if you move it somewhere far away. When you attach the Home Mini to the wall, in a wall socket or on the ceiling, it protects the device from awkwardness and breakdowns.

Find the best back, wall, and ceiling mount brackets for the Google Home Mini. They are all unique, so some may appeal more than others. And if you have a single Home Mini in your kitchen or some of it scattered around your house, you'll be glad to hear that all these keepers are under $ 1


AMORTEK Outlet Mount ($ 8.99)

If you want an outlet mount that looks clean and does not stick too far out of the wall, you should pay attention to the AMORTEK. It has a lower profile than other outlet mounts and has a cool-looking sleeve that hides the power cord behind the Home Mini.

In fact, the AMORTEK mount complements the design of the Home Mini in a way that other mounts do not. Yes, it looks like an air freshener, but it looks like a Google air freshener. This is a nice option for fans of the Google ecosystem.

Depending on your outlet, there is a possibility that the AMORTEK is not completely flush with your wall. And although the Home Mini's Mute button is inaccessible from this mount, you can mute the device with voice commands. If this is still a deal breaker for you, there are other outlet mounts that provide easy access to the mute button.

Mount Genie USB Cover Mount ($ 13.99)

The Mount Genie, a replacement cover for your wall outlet, dedicates a USB input to your Home Mini. It keeps one of your sockets free, so it's a good option if you're trying to install the mini somewhere that sees lots of electronics, like a kitchen or a bathroom. The Mount Genie looks great and sits flush with the wall, so it works great in a bathroom or kitchen – wherever you have plenty of outlets but little storage space.

Of course you need a USB port Use this mount. If you do not have one, you can always purchase another attachment option (or snap one of our USB connection recommendations). The mute button on the Mini is accessible from this holder.

Dot Genius Outlet Mount ($ 14.99)

The Dot Genie Outlet Mount features a streamlined design that holds the Home Mini to the wall and tucks the power cord away. It's easy to pull the Mini out of this holder, so this is a great option for people who like to move their digital assistant from room to room.

Although this mount only requires a single outlet, it is somewhat bulky. There is a possibility that a power brick or a large cable can not share the socket with the Dot Genie. You should keep this in mind when you want to charge your phone next to the mini.

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf ($ 14.99)

The ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf offers flexibility and mobility that other owners do not offer. You may want a storage space that can be used for a variety of digital assistants, your phone or a Bluetooth speaker. Maybe you're carrying your mini around the house and you do not want to deal with a holder that snaps it into the wall.

Either way, the flexibility of the ECHOGEAR comes at a price. The outlet shelf is not flush with the wall, so it can be installed anywhere with plenty of pedestrian traffic is a bit risky. And even if you find some kick-free to install it, you'll need to figure out some cable management to keep everything nice.

Fstop Labs Wall Mount ($ 9.99)

If you want to install your Home Mini behind your desk or away from your countertops, consider using a wall mount. The Fstop wall mount has a flat design, is easy to install and does not hide the mute button on the Mini.

Like a picture frame, the Fstop mount slides in two screws you drilled into the wall. While it does not come with Velcro or Command Strips, you could always buy something. If the (minimal) effort you need to install the Fstop is not too big for you, you should seriously consider it

Mount Genie Wall / Ceiling Mount ($ 14.99)

If you'd like to hear how the Google Home Mini speaks to you from above like a benevolent god, you can always install it on your ceiling. The Mount Genie can be installed in your ceiling or on the wall and transforms the Home Mini from a desk speaker into a real home user. You can wire it through the walls so you do not have to worry about cables running through your living room.

The Mount Genie has a wonderful shape and function, but for most people this will not be an option. You'll need to put a pretty big hole in your wall or ceiling to install this mount (unless you've taken a recessed spot out of your ceiling), and there's a possibility that Google's next version of the Home Mini will not be able to will be this thing.

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