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The Best Google Wi-Fi Mounts for Your Walls, Ceilings and Outlets – Review Geek

The Google Wi-Fi Platform is a convenient and cost-effective mesh router solution. But there is a possibility that you stumbled over it in the dark, or maybe there just is not a great signal behind the couch. Solution? Mount it.

Like electricity or running water, I enjoy my Internet the most when I do not have to think about where it comes from. Nevertheless I tolerated a lot for my internet. I pushed routers behind sofas and beside trashcans. I have 30 ft of modem cable strung over my house to make my router more convenient and reliable. Needless to say, I love the simplicity of the Google Wi-Fi router. The fact that I can get a great wall, a large blanket and our Google Wi-Fi outlet mount for less than $ 1

0 is just the icing on the cake.

Whether you want to or just want to increase your range, we have the mounting parts for you. With so many options available, we've selected the best brackets for your walls, ceilings, and sockets for under $ 10.

Dot Genie Outlet Mount ($ 7.99)

If you are looking for something that looks and needs well No installation, this socket by Dot Genie may have been made just for you. All you have to do is beat this bad boy at a power outlet and continue with the rest of the day. Oh, you need to move your Google Wi-Fi to a new room? Cool the device and plug it into another outlet.

Unlike wall and ceiling mounts, the Dot Genie does not require cable management. The power cord of Google Wi-Fi can be packaged behind the genius and stowed, which is very satisfactory. This bracket would be ideal for anyone who just wants a clean installation without installation. But if you're worried about what this mount would look like, if an Ethernet cable is plugged in, or if you just have power outlets behind furniture, I'd suggest a wall mount

Mrount Wall Mount ($ 9.59)

The Mourt is one low-profile wall mount. It's not bulky and sits flush with Google Wi-Fi. You can install this wall mount with three screws (or a command bar). To secure the router, simply plop it into the cradle. This would be ideal for placing the router behind a desk or piece of furniture on the wall, or anywhere an outlet-styled mount looks strange or bad.

The MROUNT is one of the few Google Wi-Fi mounts so you can run your cables through the wall. Routing is not required, but if you try to keep your Google Home on the ground without hanging any wires, this bracket is an option.

Wall Mount by LykusSource ($ 8.99)

Yes, that's the cup holder mount. But it is well designed and will meet the specific needs of some people. The LykusSource sits horizontally like a shelf on the wall and has a rear area for loop cables. If you install them directly from a power outlet, you can screw the power cord to the back of the bracket and save the hassle of installing any type of cable routing.

The manufacturer claims that this bracket does not affect the quality of your Wi-Fi signal because it keeps the router flat (most brackets turn the router on its side). I do not think that's what you have to worry about much about, but if you avoid the other mounts especially as they turn the router over to the side … Well, there you go. And if necessary, you could push in a 32 ounce soda.

Humancentric Wall / Ceiling Mount ($ 9.99)

This product is very similar to a fire alarm and secures a Google Wi-Fi on walls or ceiling. Well, why should you try to glue this thing to your ceiling? Well, a ceiling-mounted router has a wider range and looks "professional". If you're trying to push the limits of your mesh Wi-Fi, then the Humancentric Ceiling Mount could be your thing.

Do not forget that you need some cable management skills to install one without driving you crazy. If one of these wall and ceiling brackets sounds like a pain, do not forget that the outlet bracket is less expensive and requires no effort.

Koroao Wall / Ceiling Mount ($ 8.99)

The Koroao is another low profile option for fans of wall or ceiling mountings. Like a fire alarm, install the bracket in your wall or ceiling and then turn the Google Home inside. It has a clever slot to push out the cables that would be flush with a cable sheath.

This is a good option if you stand between the safety of the Humanzentric and the neat look of the Mrount. I would especially recommend this if you want to bring your Google Wi-Fi off the wall or ceiling without having to unscrew anything.

What makes the hockey puck form factor of Google Wii so easy? mount and with this choice of low-cost mount points, you no longer have Wi-Fi units to mount before you run out of options.

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