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The best hotplates for pancakes, crickets and more – Review Geek

  A non-stick grill plate, a cast iron grill plate, and a full-size 4-burner grill plate

It can be difficult to prepare a big meal for your friends or family. After all, a stove can only hold so many pans. Armed with a stovetop, however, you can cook for everyone.

Cooking plates are essentially large, flat cooking surfaces that are above the hearth of your cooker. They turn on the burners, heat up the grill plate and hum, you have a grill.

Grill plates are ideal for cooking large quantities of food, but also for cooking certain types of food at a whole new level. Meat, fried rice and pancakes just cook better on the grill. Some grill plates are non-sticky and do not require much oil or fat to prepare a good meal.

However, finding a grill plate that suits your needs can be difficult. There are cast-iron frying pans, non-stick frying pans and large frying pans that cover your entire oven. Luckily, we took the time to find the best frying pans and explain which one best suits your needs.

The Best Cast Iron Frying Pans ($ 30)

Cast iron is king for many reasons. It is easy to clean, easy to use and holds forever. In addition, cast iron cookware can iron your food and reduce the amount of oil and fat you use for cooking. It's a great way to get a little healthier without too much trouble.

But small cast iron pans can only cook so many things at the same time. If you want to make a full meal with cast iron, you need something bigger. Maybe a cast iron plate is the best solution.

Lodge is one of the most famous and respected cast iron companies. Their products are durable, well-made and affordable. Lodge's pre-cast iron grill plate is a 16-inch grill plate with two burners that is easy to clean and store. It is reversible, with a smooth side for eggs and pancakes and a ribbed side for meat. At $ 30, Lodge's Cast Iron Grill Plate is a great option for those who want a relatively large cast iron surface for a reasonable price.

If the lodge's cast iron grill plate is not large or pretty enough for your taste, you should do so. Take a look at the Fresh Australian Kitchen prepared cast iron plate. It is a 20-inch reversible grill bed with two burners, a smooth side and a ribbed side. It has some nice handles and grooves to trap oil and grease that could come out of an intense burger session. That's a pretty good deal for $ 43. After all, good cast iron equipment can survive you if cared for properly.

The best rustproof and nonstick coated grate plates (from $ 25)

Cast iron is not suitable for all foods Do not throw it in the dishwasher. If you are looking for a grill plate that is easier to handle, you should use a non-stick plate.

Anolon sells a beautiful 24-inch two-burner hard frying pan for just € 90. Hard anodized devices are by far the best nonstick solution for your kitchen. They are better than Teflon and will not fall off or fall apart after heavy use or a ride through the dishwasher. Consider hard-anodized cookware as the non-stick equivalent of stainless cookware.

However, if you prefer a lower priced product, you should consider the T-Fal A92114 two-burner grill plate. It's an 18-inch dishwasher-safe grill plate that costs just $ 25. It is a relatively deep grill plate and could be used for the preparation of soup dishes.

The best full hotplates ($ 104 +)

If you want a true kitchen experience, you'll need a larger grill. Luckily, there are some four-burner frying pans on the market that are relatively cheap. These grill plates cover the entire stove and are great for putting together huge meals for the whole family.

Chef King's 7-hole grill plate is relatively easy to clean and store. It is a 23 inch stainless steel plate with heat resistant handles. It has a relatively high lip to prevent grease from running all over the floor and countertops. It costs $ 104, but it should take you a long time to take care of it. And hey, it costs less than a grill.

But if you really want an authentic BBQ experience, you'll need to spend a little more money. The Steelmade Flat Top 30 "Grill costs $ 169 but is well worth the price. It's big enough to cover the entire hob, and it even has a small grease trap for easy cleaning and long cooking. Speaking of fat: With the Steelmade grill plate you do not have to use too much oil as it is hand-oiled for a natural non-stick surface. You could leave that griddle on your stove forever, but it's only 30 pounds, so you do not have to bother moving it.

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