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The Best Ice Molds for Your Craft Cocktails and Delicious Whiskey – Review Geek

You have selected your favorite liquors and fresh ingredients: Do not ruin your cocktail with coarse ice. We have identified the best ice shapes for every situation so you can sip in style.

Hopefully you have already read our guide to the best accessories for making the perfect cocktail. When it comes to the best ice form, we only scratched the (iced) surface. There is much to note. Shape and density can affect how the cube (or ball) in your beverage melts. You do not want a piece of ice to melt too fast. Otherwise, your drink will be watery and less perfect. You also do not want it on the way to flaking, because it lacks density. This also ruins the aroma.

Luckily, there are many inexpensive ice creams that are perfect for whiskey, cocktails and soft drinks. Here is our selection.

Best Ice Sphere: Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds ($ 1

Ice balls are a great alternative to traditional ice cubes. They melt slowly, so there is a risk that your drink will not be diluted. We raved about the Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds when we picked cocktail gear for you and you know what? They are still a good purchase.

The shape is made of sturdy plastic and promises to be leak-proof, so they are easy to store in the freezer. Provided you have the space to stand upright. Throw an ice ball into your punch bowl or a glass of whiskey, and you'll have a fun talk point and a slow-melting ice ball to cool your drink without watering it down.

Best Easy To Store Ice Balls: Chillz Classic Ice Ball Maker (15 $)

Although the Chillz Classic Ice Ball Maker has similar results to the Tovolo Ice Ball, it does have a decisive twist. The Chillz Classic Ice Ball Maker does not have to be stored vertically but lies horizontally in your freezer. Depending on the layout of your freezer, this can be a much more useful way to store your ice balls.

As before, the ice balls that are created here are robust and promise to melt more slowly than traditional ice cubes. The silicone-made shape is sturdy and easy to wash, either by hand or in the dishwasher. It will not crack or break like a plastic mold. There is also a lid on the tray so you can safely place other items on top of it.

Best Large Ice Cube Tray: Praticube Large Ice Cube Tray ($ 16)

Praticube's largest ice cube mold, Praticube's large ice cube mold, produces ice cubes that are 2.25 inches tall. Great, right? That's what makes this shape perfect if you make pitchers of cocktails or soft drinks and you do not have to throw several small dice to keep things cool.

The shape itself is made of food-safe silicone robust yet safe to use. The molds also have lids so you do not have to worry about contaminants or put items on them. The best? At $ 16 you can purchase two packs of these practical forms.

Best Easy Release Silicone Ice Tray: Omorc Ice Cube Tray 4 Pack ($ 12)

The disadvantage of ice cube trays is usually that they are relatively uncomfortable to safely exit without shattering or breaking an ice cube. The Omorc Ice Cube Tray 4 Pack promises the simplest release system. The silicone material makes the compartments flexible, so you can safely place an ice cube by pressing firmly on the floor.

Each tray has 14 compartments for ice, giving a total of 56 compartments. That's more than enough ice cream for most. There are also lids for each tray, so you do not have to worry about stacking problems or contamination problems. Really, it's the fact that they can be squeezed out so easily that you're popular here.

Best Ice Cube Tray with Lids: Large Ice Tray ($ 10)

Some ice cube trays here already contain lids. So what makes the big ice cube tray from Vremi so worthwhile? Well, it's a little bit of everything. For only $ 10, you get two trays, each containing 8 large ice cubes. They are the perfect size for putting them in a whiskey glass, but they also do not look inappropriate with cocktails.

The lids, however, make them all the more distinctive. They have a rectangular shape and promise a very simple and secure placement on the tablet. So there is no danger of leakage. Think of it as a high-end form of Tupperware. They can also be stacked well, so they do not take up too much space in your freezer. In essence, the Vremi Large Ice Cube Trays just do it all very well, especially when it comes to solid lids.

Best Unusual Form: Adoric Ice Cube Trays ($ 13)

Not all ice forms must be bullets or cubes. The Adoric Ice Cube trays produce honeycomb ice shapes and are ideal for smaller drinks. You can throw a few in a glass of whiskey, but it's cocktails and iced coffees where they really come into their own.

They are made of easy-to-dissolve silicone and are really pretty cute ice cube trays. This gives them an additional useful purpose, such as making snacks or baby foods that need to be stored this way. There are a total of 38 compartments, so there is plenty of space. The only downside is that there are no lids.

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