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The Best iPhone XS Cases for a Stylish and Secure Phone – Review Geek

It can be tempting to carry your expensive new iPhone without a suitcase. Some cases are ugly or too bulky for your phone. But there are many good-looking cases that fit your style.

There are a variety of iPhone XS cases, none of them are the same. Some are thick, others are thin and some can be used as purses or portable batteries. You should take some time to think about what you want or need of a phone case before you buy one, just to make sure you choose a product that meets your needs. Finally, every time you pull your iPhone out, you'll be looking at the phone case.

If you know what kind of case you want, finding a product that meets your needs can still be difficult. That's why we took the time to find the best iPhone XS cases in a variety of styles.

Note: All of the following cases will work just as well on your iPhone X as your iPhone XS Still rock the perfect iPhone X that you can buy with confidence.

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($ 1

Spigen has been a big name in the world of mobile phone cases for a number of years, and her case, Tough Armor, is an excellent example of a sturdy yet comfortable mobile phone case. Surprisingly, this Spigen case is only .15 inches thick, but has two shock-absorbing layers to make sure your phone does not fall apart after a hard fall.

This case is so thin that it supports wireless charging a bit of a surprise. While it does not cover your phone's flash port, it does cover the phone's volume controls with a few tactile buttons that may be disabled for some users. But do not worry, they are nice clicky buttons.

OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case ($ 18)

OtterBox is another big name in the world of telephone cases. They are known for their bulky cases, but they have introduced slimmer cases into their product lines in recent years. The OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES case for the iPhone XS is thick yet comfortable. It has a soft design that slopes down the edge of the iPhone screen to prevent damage to the screen and is thin enough to support wireless charging.

This case comes in a variety of finishes, so it's a great option for people who try to avoid the dull rubber design of most cell phone cases. It does not cover the iPhone's flash connector, but covers the phone's volume controls with small rubber buttons.

TORRAS Thin Love Series ($ 17)

Some people just want a simple, super-slim case for their iPhone XS. The TORRAS Love Series is an extremely flat shell that comes in a variety of colors that appeal to people's different styles. You can also use the wireless charging in this case and does not cover the flash connection of your phone. It is lined with a microfiber material that prevents scratches on the back of the phone.

Although the TORRAS case gives your iPhone XS a certain durability, it does not offer the same protection as a rubber case. This is a great option for people who want a really slim body, but if you have butter fingers (like me) you might want something more stable.

Smiphee 4000mAh Battery Case ($ 40)

Phone cases that serve as portable batteries are not very popular because they are often heavy and expensive. However, the Smiphee battery case is an exception to the rule. It's a lightweight case that doubles your phone's battery life and protects it from falls or throws. It is lined with a microfiber material that protects your phone from scratches, so you will not cause accidental damage or reduce the resale value of your iPhone XS.

This case does not block your flash connector, but is slightly too thick Wireless charging. However, if you are using the Smiphee, you are less likely to charge your iPhone and consider it as a compromise.

Zover Leather Wallet Case ($ 40)

If you want to save space in your pocket or purse, consider the Zover case. It's a magnetic fold-out case that protects both sides of your phone while protecting your cards and cash.

Unlike other iPhone XS cases, the Zover is thin enough to support wireless charging. And the soft material does not cover the flash connector or the buttons on your phone, which is a dream.

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