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The Best Kitchen Scales for Every Chef and Baker – Review Geek

  Person measuring sugar with a kitchen scale
Impact Photography / Shutterstock.com

A decent kitchen scale is a great addition to your home. How often do you measure ingredients for a recipe? Here you can see the best digital kitchen scales.

We looked at different kitchen scales, so there is something for every situation. This means that you have a tight budget, need a clear display or connect it to your smartphone. Whatever the scenario, we have covered you with some high quality kitchen scales.

Best Scales with Bowl: Etekcity Digital Food Scale ($ 1

  Etekcity Digital Food Scale

Safe You can place your own bowl or container on a scale, but Etekcity will save you the trouble with the Digital Food Scale. You can use it to easily weigh up to 11 pounds of ingredients. It measures and quickly converts units between pounds, grams, milliliters, and fluid ounces. It also contains measurement modes for water and milk, so you can hardly find anything that does not work well.

The removable design of the bowl is perfect for flexibility. It's not that you can have too many mixing bowls, right? You can lift the bowl and mix it from there, or you can use the Auto Zero feature to swap it for another container to make sure you always get the right readings.

Best Budget Scale: Greater Goods Digital Food Scale (9 USD)

  Digital Scale for Larger Goods
Greater Goods

If every dollar counts or if you simply do not expect to use scales often , buy the Digital Scale for larger goods. It's a simple device that measures up to 11 pounds without any problems. The display is simple but offers measurements in pounds and ounces as well as grams, so you're usually good at this. It's small enough to stow it when not in use, which is useful if your kitchen is as small as your budget.

Do not expect anything extraordinary from this scale, but it sums it up – though not the decimal point where gram is concerned. As I said, it is no frills, but it does the job. Do not be surprised if you upgrade after a long baking process.

Optimal for the visually impaired: Skyzonal kitchen scale ($ 16)

  Skyzonal kitchen scale

For those who are visually impaired, the Skyzonal Kitchen Scale is perfect. It has a large and clear display that dominates most of the device, as well as a large area for placing your bowl or ingredients.

It also uses the extra surface: you can measure ingredients up to a weight of 22 lbs. Here are many different units offered, including grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, milliliters and water and milk. It is also coated with stainless steel, so it's easy to clean yourself.

For Precise Measurements: Eravsow Scale ($ 22)

  Eravsow Scale

The Eravsow scale was developed for coffee machines, but it works equally well for anything that requires extremely accurate measurements. Range from 0.1 ounce or 1 gram to 3000 grams, so you can count on a precise display.

You only have the choice of switching between ounces, grams, and fluid ounces, but that should be fine for most users. There is also a timer function if you need it. With a platform made of stainless steel, similar to the Skyzonal scale, it is also easy to clean. Its exact dimensions are not needed for everyone, but if every tiny ingredient counts in baking, this is a strong alternative to other, more general scales.

Best Bluetooth Kitchen Scale: Perfect Bake 2.0 (20 $)

  Perfect Bake Scale
Perfect Bake

Do you love everything you own to have Bluetooth? If so, buy the Perfect Bake 2.0 balance. They work similar to normal scales, but are smarter. For example, if you pour too much into the bowl, the recipe automatically adapts to the bowl. This is ideal for awkward times when you find that you need to be more specific when measuring for a cake or biscuit recipe.

There's also a pantry feature that creates a grocery list of ingredients you may not have hundreds of recipes to read. There is a capacity limit of 11 lb, so the Perfect Bake 2.0 scales are equivalent to most other decent kitchen scales.

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