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The best LED emergency lanterns / Camping – Review Geek

  30-day DURO dual power LED lantern on a picnic table with trees behind.

Are you afraid of the dark? Wait, do not answer – it does not matter. Whether you plan to camp or just want to be prepared when the power goes out, you need a good lantern. We have them.

What to look for in an LED lantern?

Having a light source is incredibly important when traveling overnight. It's easy to hurt yourself when fidgeting in the dark, especially in the forest. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to have a fun and safe trip.

  • Brightness: A lantern should be able to illuminate a campsite brightly and let it read comfortably in your tent. The brightness of a LED lantern is measured in lumens ̵
    1; 40-80 lumens are a pleasant low setting and 250-400 a high setting for lighting. You only need more if your campsite is exceptionally large and you only want to bring a lantern.
  • Battery Life: If you are going on a camping trip, you do not want to charge your lantern or bring a few extra batteries. A good lantern should hold with a load a few nights. Twenty hours at high setting and 100 hours at low setting are an excellent starting point. LED lanterns are usually available in either a rechargeable or battery powered option, but some are available as both. It is an outdoor device, and the harsh environment can inevitably lead to accidents. Lanterns should withstand a fall from a normal wearing height and be watertight to protect against rain and accidental spillage.
  • Weight: Many people carry lanterns around or tie them to their bags Use as light when hiking. A heavy lantern is just one more thing you must carry while climbing a path or on a mountain. It is also worth noting that battery powered lanterns do not specify the weight with batteries. Therefore, it is important to consider this when trying to pack light.
  • Features: Modern lanterns also have additional features such as hooks, SOS flash modes, dry storage, removable flashlights and more.

Best for most people: 30-day Duro LED from UST

 30-day Duro LED from UST

If you're going on a longer trip or just an emergency Building kit for difficult times, the battery life of your lantern is an essential feature. The UST 30-Day has an incredibly long battery life. with one charge it lasts 22 hours in height and a whopping 30 days uninterruptedly in the low level. A set of batteries is all you need to make this thing glow all night long.

This lantern has high, medium, low and SOS settings and can be up to 700 lumens, bright enough to illuminate a large campsite. It is made of rubberized ABS plastic, which is impact resistant and withstands harsh weather conditions. The lantern ball is also removable for direct light and below it is a hook, with which you can hang the lantern on your tent pole or on a tree. This incredibly versatile lantern is perfect for all circumstances and our best choice for most people.

The best for most people.

The best choice for the budget: Non collapsible lanterns:

 Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Maybe you have a limited budget and you only need a light for your tent or you are looking for extra lanterns, that you can give to your children so you can keep an eye on them at night. These collapsible Vont lanterns are perfect for a variety of situations, are very affordable and come in 2 or 4 packs. There is still enough time for a few nights (assuming you do not let them run while you sleep). These lanterns are great for emergencies because they can be used to illuminate multiple rooms or for distribution, so everyone has their own. The LED lamps save space in the lantern and act as an on / off switch at the same time. If you only need one light and do not want to spend too much, the collapsible Vont lanterns are for you.

The Best Choice for the Budget

The Premium Choice: Streamlight Super Victories

 Streamlight Super Siege Camping Lantern

Modern lanterns offer more than just a bright electric light – there are many extra features, that make for a much better experience. The Streamlight Super Siege offers everything you expect from a lantern. It has 5 LEDs – one white and four red; The white LED delivers a whopping 1100 lumens of light and lasts six hours in height and 36 hours in depth (125 lumens). The four red LEDs preserve night vision, so your eyes do not have to constantly adjust to keep over 140 hours in height and over 300 hours in depth.

The lantern has many more features than just lighting a campsite. The Super Seige has a 10,400 mAh battery so you do not have to buy extra batteries. Thanks to the USB ports, it can also be used as a portable charger. The lantern is waterproof and has a dry compartment to protect your belongings from the weather. If the detachable lantern ball is tightly closed, it even floats on the water. The Streamlight Super Siege is the first choice for a camping trip.

The Premium Pick

The best combination of lantern and flashlight: LE 1000L [194559004]  LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern 1000LM Lanterns have very wide beams that illuminate large areas well but are not perfect Alternative to a normal flashlight, which is much better with precision lighting. So there are combined lanterns that combine both functions in one product. The LE Camping Lantern 1000L has a white light (70-130 lumens) on the left side and a red light on the right side for a combination of 5 different light modes. It uses a directional flashlight on the top as a spotlight (400-1000 lumens) that illuminates up to 1650 feet. This lantern is rechargeable, serves as a portable charger and is waterproof. However, the focus on the incredibly bright spotlight is associated with a shorter battery life (5 hours main light, 6-12 hours left white side). The LE 1000L, perfect for night walks or searchlights.

The best combination of lantern and flashlight

The best lantern for emergencies: LE 3300012-DW

 LE LED 3300012-DW Camping Lantern

Rechargeable lanterns are great because they cause a lot of trouble and extra Save money on battery powered models.

On the other hand, after the battery is exhausted, when you are still in the woods, or have an emergency, you may not be able to connect to a power outlet to charge the device. Fortunately, the LE 3300012-DW is a lantern that works with disposable batteries and also has an internal battery. This also makes it a great lantern for emergencies.

This LE lantern has two detachable flashlights, a compass at the top and can reach up to 600 lumens in the brightest setting. It is water resistant and comes with a car charger so you can quickly charge it from a power outlet. The total battery life is not particularly high at 4 hours, but with a fully charged internal battery and three D-cell batteries, it can be twice as long. The LE 3300012-DW is a fantastic lantern that offers multiple power sources, ensuring that you'll never be left in the dark.

The best lantern for emergencies

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