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The best mice for your gaming PC – Review Geek

A gaming PC requires a gaming mouse. OK, OK, it's true: You can play PC games with a crispy old mouse, if you like. But with a shiny new "gaming-grade mouse" they are certainly more fun.

If you're new to PC games or an old hand and looking for a competitive edge, these are the best options. The market will be available from the end of 201

8. Logitech's flexible and surprisingly affordable G502 Hero is the right choice for most people, and we've also chosen Logitech's reliable designs for wireless and budget gamers. However, if you are looking for something special for shooters or MOBAs, or if you need an ambidextrous mouse for a left-hander, then we have the right choice for you.

The Best All-Round Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero ($ 75)

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The G502 Hero meets all the needs of most players. It uses a segmented body design that is comfortable, yet gives you access to many more keys than either a standard PC mouse or an optimized "shooter" design. (The extra-bindable buttons are ideal for games such as Overwatch where you have multiple weapons, abilities, and ultimate juggling.) Two rocker buttons and two DPI adjustment buttons plus the usual two thumb buttons and a "Sniper" button. Temporary sensitivity adjustment button offers a variety of options without them being overwhelming or hard to distinguish like an MMO mouse.

In addition, you have an insanely powerful 16,000 DPI sensor whose weights are adjustable in the bottom housing, to change the feel of the mouse in your hand, and RGB lighting (if you really have to). All this for about $ 75 street price, which easily slips under some of the more exorbitant gamer-mouse prices outside. To make an admirable job with every game and to fit into the budget of most players, the G502 is our first choice.

The best gaming mouse for shooter: Razer Basilisk ($ 50)

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Razer probably has the best marketing among the providers of PC gaming accessories, and it tends to be something … a lot. In the case of the Basilisk, however, the boasting of the company is fully justified. "Shooter" mice focus mainly on the basics, with two large, thumb-friendly buttons on the side (usually tied to melee and throwing objects). The basilisk has this as well as a subtle and detachable "sniper button" for temporary sensitivity changes.

His limited-range position for the thumb is ideal and unlikely to be struck by chance in the heat of the battle. The scroll wheel of the mouse can be micro-adjusted for smoother scrolling or more clicky operation. This is an excellent feature for gamers who want to tie the weapon selection to the wheel.

Razer's Key-Bind software and RGB chroma lighting are a matter of course. Like the 16000 DPI sensor. Unlike older Razer themes, settings can be stored on the mouse itself, so you do not need to reinstall Synapse on every computer you use (and bother you in the background).

Best The Best MOBA and Strategy Mouse: Razer Naga Trinity ($ 69)

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What used to be called "MMO" Mice "are now called" MOBA mice ", as games also League of Legends and DOTA are becoming more popular, but require the same range of keyboard shortcuts for top-down control. Razer's original Naga with no less than 12 thumb buttons was a leader in the field, but the redesigned Naga Trinity retains this utility and increases flexibility.

With three different detachable thumb control knobs, this mouse can use twelve buttons in a grid, seven in a simpler radial design, or just two for a shooter configuration. The panels can be changed at any time, so you can quickly adapt to more or less technical games. The Naga Trinity is ideal for MOBA and strategy players who want superior control … but also enjoy browsing Chrome occasionally with their computers.

The best wireless gaming mouse: Logitech G603 ($ 55)

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Wireless gaming mice have in recent years You've come a long way, and if you're willing to spend three numbers, you can keep an eye on mouse-pad wireless mouse and sensitive sensor designs. But I prefer the rather modest G603 from Logitech, which I use for both my standard gaming mouse and my work mouse. It's as fast as the most expensive mice on the market with a 1 ms RF connection, but can last for months thanks to AA battery. The mouse dispenses with RGB lighting in favor of longevity, a choice I appreciate.

Although the configuration is shooter style and therefore not suitable for more complex games, it is quite convenient for prolonged use. The design uses both RF USB Wireless and Bluetooth with a button on the bottom, making the G603 a great companion or manager for multiple machines. All of this, and it uses the most advanced Logitech sensor with a street price below $ 60. The price and longevity make it a much better choice than the more expensive version of the G703, which can be charged wirelessly, but only on the costly Logitech Powerplay Mousepads.

The Best Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse: Roccat Kova ($ 39)

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The Southpaws are often (no pun) of the gaming mouse market hilarious, but the niche provider Roccat has an offer that makes her smile. The Kova is completely ambidextrous and has a symmetrical shell with thumb buttons on both sides in a shooter configuration. (The page you are not using may be disabled or tied to less common game buttons.) I also like the rocker buttons, two knots on top of one of the two thumb buttons that are suitable for less common functions DPI adjustments.

A maximum of 7000 DPI is a bit low, but it's about as much as you would expect from a smaller selection of hungry mice. If you're looking for something that's only for left-handed people, the Razer DeathAdder is offered in a left-handed configuration, but you'll have to deal with an older hardware design.

The Best Budget Gaming Mouse: Logitech's G203 Prodigy ($ 25)

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Gaming PCs are expensive, and sixty dollars for a new AAA Game are not what it is. If you're looking for a working gaming mouse that the bank can not break, you can not do better than the entry-level G203 from Logitech. With a street price of $ 25, it's no more expensive than a regular "office" mouse, but includes a handy thumbwheel, shooter-style thumb studs, and fast DPI switching.

The sensor is "only" 6000 DPI, but that's a lot more than you get with the mouse that came with your PC. The form is comfortable and forgiving, and the settings can be stored directly in the mouse's memory. This makes them an excellent choice if you are on the move and do not want to risk losing something more expensive.

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