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The best outlets with USB-C for all your new devices – Review Geek

You have a shiny new device that charges via USB-C. Why struggle with a different Power Brick and choose a dedicated USB-C socket instead?

Whether you're excited about another standard or not, USB-C is a must. It's smaller, more powerful, and more comfortable than micro USB or USB A connectivity, and quickly becomes the charging standard for mobile phones. Even larger devices like laptops use the charging standard USB-C. Hey, they are cheaper than these bulky DC cables and easier for devices.

So how are you going to charge all of your USB-C compliant devices? You could leave a bunch of USB devices in the sockets of your house, but not all devices are the same. Some of them charge your phone much slower than they should and tend to use valuable real estate. No, it's better to replace your old power sockets with some new USB C sockets. In this way, you can always charge your devices quickly without sacrificing the AC outputs.

However, if you are in the electronics business of a hardware store, you know how overwhelming it can be to buy a new point of sale. Manufacturers seem to appreciate their bewildering variety of USB outlets, and two similar-looking outlets can sometimes come at very different prices. That's why we took the time to find the best USB-C outlets and explain how their subtle differences can appeal to people's needs.

TOPGREENER 6.0A High Speed ​​Duel USB C Socket ($ 28)

When you're ready to fall into the loving arms of USB-C, take a look at the USB-C socket of the TOPGREENER duel. It has two USB-C ports and two power outlets so you can quickly charge your devices without having to plug in the power outlet. This type of outlet is especially useful in a bedroom or office where you need to charge and power a lot of electronics. It may even be necessary that you do not have to buy bulky surge protectors.

However, if you want the option to connect USB-A cables to your outlets, this is clearly not the way to go. After all, your USB-A or micro-USB devices will last for years to come.

TOPGREENER 5.8A High Speed ​​USB Output ($ 26)

Ah, here is a USB port that supports both USB-C and USB-A. The TOPGREENER high-speed USB port has a USB-C and a quick-charge USB-A port, so you can recharge old and new devices quickly. It also has two conventional AC outlets so you do not have to worry about losing a property at your point of sale.

This is a good point of sale for anyone looking to get out of their older devices for a few more years. You know, things like Kindles or Bluetooth speakers. This is also a great option for the living room as your guests may have older phones or devices on hand.

Leviton T5633-W – High-Speed ​​USB Port ($ 27)

The Leviton USB socket is almost identical to the TOPGREENER 5.8A socket but has a lower profile and is available in different colors. It has the same quick-charge technology as the TOPGREENER 5.8A and leaves plenty of room for everything that needs the AC output.

This offer is very similar to the TOPGREENER 5.8A. It is ideal for people who still need USB-A compatibility or for guests who want to accommodate their guests. This Leviton outlet is also a great choice for people who need a black or cream-colored outlet to fit in their room.

TOPGREENER USB 3.0 and USB C Output ($ 37)

If you would like to install a USB-C socket next to your bedside table or in your dining room, you should look at this TOPGREENER socket. It has a Quick Charge USB-A port and a USB-C port, but only via an AC output.

It's not intuitive to omit any of the AC outputs, but it's a great way to keep things clean. Ideally, you would not use this outlet for more than one lamp and a few USB cables, so it's ideally located near a bedside table.

LITEdge Quick Charge Jack (14 $)

No, that's not exactly an outlet, but it deserves an honorable mention. The LITEdge Socket Mount is a low-cost, stylish-looking surge protector with two USB-A ports and a USB-C port. It also has three AC outputs and a notch to hold your phone. This is a great option for those who want the convenience of a USB-C outlet at an affordable price without installation. You can also set this socket holder so that it is automatically illuminated at night. This is especially handy when you are pressed for a night light.

The only real drawback with this socket holder is that it only has one USB-C connector. Two USB-A connectors are not quick-charge connectors. But if that's all, then LITEdge is a great option.

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