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The Best Pomodoro Timer Apps and Services – Review Geek

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You have trouble managing your time? The Pomodoro technique is a simple, timer-based productivity tool. We have summarized the best apps for you.

The Pomodoro technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1

980s. It's a simple idea, but very effective for many. All you have to do is plan your time in 25 minute increments before pausing for 5 minutes. When you have finished four pomodoros (ie 100 minutes of work and 15 minutes of break time), take a break of 15 to 20 minutes before starting over.

Most people will need a few days to settle in You'll soon find that this is a great way to break your busy workday into manageable parts with adequate breaks. The following apps make the method a reliable habit.

Before we go into details, do you want to know why her name is Pomodoro? It's named after the Italian word for tomato because Cirillo used a kitchen clock in the shape of a tomato – just like the one shown above – as his personal clock while ironing out the time management technique. So, now you know it!

Here are the best Pomodoro timer apps and websites.

Best web-based solution: Marinara Timer (free)

  Marinara Timer
Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer is a free web-based solution that lets you solve your day with the Pomodoro method. The site offers three types of productivity timers: the traditional Pomodoro, a custom timer with numerous options for different time periods, and a kitchen timer (where you set a time and forget about it). The Pomodoro timer makes things easy. Work through the 25-minute cycle before taking a 5-minute break.

You can run something like this in the background while you're working with an audible warning that tells you when to stop. Scroll down the web site, and Marinara Timer logs how many Pomodoros you completed and when you started and stopped them. It's a handy little tool.

We have Marinara Timers at the top of our list as it's a perfect way to try the Pomodoro technique without having to worry about downloading an app or buying items.

Best Smartphone App: Focus Booster (Free- $ 2.99 per month)

  Focus Booster App
Focus Booster

If you think a smartphone-based solution is a good idea, you can use Focus Booster do not do anything wrong. The app is available for both iOS and Android and offers a simple Pomodoro-based timer with customizable options. You can specify how long a session lasts and how long the pauses between sessions are. However, it is advisable to keep the original concept.

You can also tag and specify clients and tasks Remember to know exactly what to do next, before a notification notifies you of your plans. A bit of productivity and time tracking in one.

The apps are free for up to 20 Pomodoro sessions per month. An Extended Plan costs $ 2.99 per month and offers 200 sessions during this period.

Best Windows App: Focus 10 (Free)

For Windows users, Focus 10 is an indispensable Pomodoro Timer app. It's simple and to the point, just like the best Pomodoro apps. Set up your timers and click on "Start". The app does the rest for you.

It's possible that a clock is ticking in the background if you find that it increases your productivity. That's exactly what you want from most Pomodoro apps. Sure, you can not look at past behavior reports, but you probably only need a little reminder to concentrate, and Focus 10 does just that for the price of a quick download, and nothing more.

Best Mac App: Focus (Free)

  Be Focused App
Be Focused App

This article is based on Be Focused, a Mac based Pomodoro Timer app. No, I write on a MacBook. Be Focused is my favorite at Pomodoro App, and I used it when writing this article. The product is super easy to use. It just fades out in your menu bar and counts down the minutes before pausing.

You can enter a few details about the task you are about to do, or use it as a basic timer. Whatever works for you. Similar to other similar apps, you can also track your progress and see what you have achieved every day or every week. That way, you can feel good. It is also possible to adjust how long you work and how long your breaks last. However, we prefer to follow the traditional methods.

If you like the app, you'll be glad to hear that it's not only free but also available. MacOS and iOS: If you're a strong Apple user, you can use the same interface on your computer, phone and tablet use.

Best suited for users with tasks: PomoDoneApp ($ 27.49 per year)

  PomoDone App

When you're so far on your productivity journey, you've almost certainly learned some task management To love apps. PomoDoneApp connects to your favorite task management service and then uses your task list to split time using the Pomodoro technique.

The app works with Evernote, Asana, Trello, Todoist, Base Camp, Wunderlist, Slack and Jira. along with many other services, there is probably support for your preferred way of organizing your life. In addition to Windows and Mac compatibility, there's also a Chrome extension for added convenience.

Like all apps here, PomoDoneApp keeps out of the way and is minimalist. It only gives you an impetus when you need it the most.

The service costs $ 27.49 per year for up to three integrations, or you can pay $ 48.11 per year for unlimited integrations. Check which services help you find out what's best for your situation.

Best for Trello users: Pomello (free)

  Pomello app

Is your work about a seemingly endless virtual world stack of Trello cards? If so, then Pomello is the Pomodoro timer for you. This turns your Trello cards into Pomodoro tasks, allowing you to easily spend 25 minutes on each task.

The app works on Windows, Mac and Linux and is set up in seconds. All you have to do is log into your Trello account, select a list and select the item you want to deal with next. Once this option is ticked, the timer starts and Pomello informs you when you run out of time and you want to pause. So it is pleasantly minimalist.

The base app costs $ 20 a year and includes additional features such as the ability to export productivity data or set custom timer sounds.

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