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The Best Portable Blacklights for Cat Pee, Bugs and More – Review Geek

Blacklights are a great party piece and especially useful when the party is over. Why? Well, you can use a black light to look for crabs or body fluids that have settled in the area.

That's right, most body fluids contain chemicals that glow under UV light. But you do not have to carry a full-length black light to find the source of this rancid cat-pinch odor. With a small, portable blacklight you can do the job easily.

You can also use a portable blacklight to detect unwanted guests who might be waiting for you in your bedroom or hotel room. Bugs paths for bugs light up under UV light, so you can quickly search your hotel mattress for these nasty monsters with a portable black light. Some scorpions and spiders also glow under UV light, which is good to know if you live in an area where many deadly scorpions are found.

There are all sorts of portable blacklights, and it can be difficult to find one that suits your needs. That's why we took the time to find the best portable blacklights for every situation.

A quick note before we dip: Strong UV lights are no joke, and if you use them regularly, you should buy UV-blocking goggles. For ~ $ 7 you can get normal goggles or a few dollars more over your glasses.

INFRAY Blacklight Pen in Pocket Size ($ 1

Some portable blacklights are a bit bulky. The bulky lights are really bright, which is nice, but you can not really hide them in your pocket. If you need a discreet little blacklight that you can easily take on a plane or at work, you should take a look at the INFRAY Blacklight.

There is not much to say about this Blacklight. It is a solid product at an affordable price. It's a handy device for people who travel frequently, and it's especially useful for people who need black light in a professional environment (checking money, house cleaning, dentistry, etc.). The only real drawback of the INFRAY Blacklight is that it produces a smaller beam than larger blacklights. However, it is a small price for a blacklight as big as a highlighter.

LIGHTFE 3 Watt High Power Pocket Blacklight ($ 36)

Blacklights can be used in many professional environments. You can use them to find leaks under the hood of your car or to harden the UV-reactive resin that dentists and jewelers use. But we do not worry about our cars or our teeth, we want to know how to find the piss stains and bed bugs in our hotel rooms!

Well, maybe we should think about it. Professional blacklights like the LIGHTFE are incredibly bright and durable. There is even a label on the LIGHTFE that prompts you to "not shine on your face or skin". So you know that it is especially good for the Pissjagd and scorpion hunting.

Here's the thing, the LIGHTFE costs a lot of money. If you do not use your portable Blacklight very often, you might want to buy something cheaper. However, if you want a professional, long-lasting Blacklight that will last a long time, then you should consider this.

LECIEL Portable USB Powered Blacklight ($ 13)

If you are looking for a portable black light suitable for decoration, use the LECIEL USB black light. You can connect the LECIEL to a power bank, a laptop or a wall outlet, giving it the versatility that many flashlights do not have. If you are not looking for scorpions or checking how well your roommate has cleaned the toilet seat, you can place the LECIEL under a cool poster or include it in your next party.

Of course, the LECIEL Blacklight is not as portable as a flashlight in Blacklight. It has a strange shape that is not really ideal for waving around the room, and it does not have a built-in battery. It's also not very discreet, so you do not really want to take it out of the house. But it covers many areas with UV light and can also be used as a small decoration or party prop.

McDOER 100 LED Blacklight Flashlight ($ 20)

If you're trying to quickly eliminate patches of patches in the house, you'll need a black light that covers many areas. The McDOER is a bright, bulky blacklight that looks like a prop from a Ghost Busters movie. With its 100 UV LEDs, you can do a quick scan for cat piss or check the furniture in your guest room for strange spots. This blacklight would also be good for minor car repairs or for detecting scorpions that might be on your porch.

This blacklight is a bit bulky, but emits UV light. This is the type of blacklight that you can store under the sink or in the garage.

TaoTronics 51 LED Blacklight Flashlight & UV Sunglasses ($ 16.99)

A bright, bulky blacklight that's useful if you want to quickly scan a room but are not always good on the move. If you need a mid-sized blacklight that fits in your hotel bag, you should check out the TaoTronics Blacklight. With its 50 UV LEDs, it's easy to perform a quick scan of your hotel room, just for impending pests or body fluids.

The TaoTronics Blacklight is also supplied with UV-blocking sunglasses so you can look cool. You can also protect your eyes (this black light is bright) or help to prevent headaches caused by black light.

For $ 17, the TaoTronics blacklight is a pretty good deal. You get a bright light and stylish sunglasses. Keep in mind that this blacklight is not as strong as the bigger McDOER blacklight, and it's not as discreet as the INFRAY or LIGHTFE blacklight.

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