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The best portable printers on the go – Review Geek

Ever had to print a photo or document in the car or on the road? If you often get into this situation, maybe it's time to get a portable printer.

Not everyone needs a portable printer (some people do not even have a printer in their house, let alone one in which they can slide briefcase). However, if you travel a lot and need paperwork such as invoices or quotes to print, a good printer that you can use right from the seat of your car or a customer's kitchen counter is invaluable.

Portable printers are more powerful and less expensive than ever. For the price of a full-size normal printer, you can buy a portable, battery-powered printer about the size of a shoebox. Most portable printers are compatible with your mobile phone, and some can even connect to the cloud so you can print last-minute documents for work or school.

But as with any other technology, it's hard to buy for the perfect portable printer. They all have different characteristics and specifications that can be good for one person and bad for another. For example, if you want to print high-quality photos, you do not want to use a low-resolution printer. Luckily, most of the work was done for you. We have selected our preferred portable printers and found out their strengths and shortcomings. Whether you need a cloud-compatible device or a dedicated mobile photo printer, we have the right portable printer for you.

HP OfficeJet 250 Portable Printer ($ 280)

If you need a portable printer that can scan documents, you should take a look at the battery-powered HP OfficeJet 250. It has a 10-page document feeder, so you can easily process it a large stack of papers or documents in the car or in a hotel. If you want to print a photo or document on the OfficeJet, you can do so via USB, Wi-Fi, or from your phone through the HP ePrint app. The OfficeJet prints documents with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. This is a good resolution for business documents or schoolwork (but not really good enough for photo printing.)

This is really a great portable all-round printer. It has the scanner, the app and can fit in your backpack. Although the OfficeJet is not the first choice for photo printing, it is great for scanning and printing documents on the go.

Epson WorkForce WF-100 Mobile Printer ($ 230)

The Epson WorkFroce WF-100 is the fast workhorse of mobile printing. It has a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and can print both full size and borderless 4 x 6 photos. It's a great device for people who need to carry a very small printer in a backpack or shopping bag because it can print directly from a phone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi and can be charged via a micro USB cable AC adapter. The WorkForce also has a unique auto power off feature to extend battery life. This is ideal for people who are always in a hurry.

When talking about people who are always in a hurry, the WorkForce also supports Amazon Dash, which means it does. It detects when the ink runs out and automatically orders more. Yes, that sounds like a great way to burn some money, but it's also a nice feature for people who always forget about buying ink.

The only real disadvantage of this printer is that it does not work as a scanner (it only costs about $ 50 less than the HP OfficeJet 250 (with scanner), but the WorkForce also prints at a higher resolution than the HP with photo printing Officejet is much more comfortable and user-friendly, but the WorkForce is a great portable printer when you do not need to scan documents.

Canon Pixma iP110 Cloud Printer ($ 130)

The Canon Pixma iP110 is a powerful, affordable portable printer. Strangely, it has a higher resolution than the expensive Epson Workforce and HP Deskjet printers. The Pixma prints photos and documents with a resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi, which is more than sufficient for most professional purposes. Not to mention, the Pixma can print 4 x 6 photos, making it a great option for creatives and business people alike. It has good battery life and is only about a meter wide so it can fit in your backpack or shopping bag.

Unfortunately, you can not use Pixma to scan or copy documents. However, the printer can print directly from your phone using Air Print, Google Cloud Print, and Canon Print apps. These apps add an element of cloud compatibility to Pixma and make it easier to print documents that friends and colleagues have shared with you.

The Pixma is again a great, affordable portable printer. It may not be as versatile as the WorkForce unit and may not have a scanner, but prints high quality photos and is relatively inexpensive.

HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Printer ($ 30)

Some people do not have to print documents while in the car or at the airport without expensive bells and whistles. The HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Printer is a great compact printer for users who occasionally need to get a printer out of the house. It has no battery, which limits its portability, but it's small enough to throw the back of your car, and it costs less than a big meal in a restaurant.

Oh, a quick upswing … If you like the price of this printer, but you need something that can be used in the car or outside of a power outlet. Then I would suggest connecting it to a car inverter or a mobile power bank. It makes no sense to use a portable printer that you can not use with the same ease with which you use your laptop.

What can a printer with 30 euros? Well, it can be printed with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is suitable for text documents, invoices or schoolwork. Although the HP DeskJet 1112 does not have Wi-Fi compatibility or a mobile app, it has a USB cable that you can connect to your computer. And there is no scanner, but you could use apps like CamScan whenever you're in a situation where you need to scan a document.

The HP DeskJet printer also lacks many features, but it's good at printing documents and it's cheap as hell. It's only about the size of a shoebox, so it's fine if you occasionally need to bring a printer down the street to a hotel or a customer's home. You can improve portability any time you use it with a car inverter or a mobile power bank.

Kodak Dock Mobile Wi-Fi Photo Printer ($ 140)

If you're looking for a portable photo printer, check out Kodak Dock. This is a high quality photo printer that can print directly from your phone, laptop, tablet, pen drive, or digital camera via a USB cable or Lightning power cable. It can also connect to your social media accounts or email addresses. This is useful for printing photos that you have not saved on the phone. Here is the thing; The Kodak Dock can not print standard size documents. Only 4 x 6 photos will be printed. However, 4 x 6 photos print better than any other portable printer, which is a lot to say for a device smaller than a shoe box.

The Kodak Dock uses dye sublimation technology to produce photos. While the dye sublimation process is similar to the zinc thermal printing process, photos are produced that are more color true. This is because a peripheral ink cartridge that processes about 40 sheets of Kodak 4×6 Premium Photo Paper is used. You can not use other ink cartridges with this unit, and you want to use high-quality photo paper to make the printouts worthwhile. Do you see where that goes? The Kodak Dock is a great solution for printing high-quality photos, but it's much more expensive and less versatile than a traditional photo printer. But you know, that's the tradeoff when you print crisp photos from home. If you are fascinated by the idea of ​​photo printing from home, you should look at our summary of portable mini photo printers here.

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