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The best products to warm your hands in your cool office – Review Geek

Whether you work in a cool office, you are naturally cold or winter is dead. You've probably experienced what it's like to do your job when cold. Instead of putting on jackets, hats, and gloves, you can look at this list of items to warm you up in the office.

What items could you possibly keep warm in your office without taking up too much space or being a burden? Maybe a mini space heater is enough. Or even a heated mouse pad or a mouse. A heating pad could even do the job. Whatever you prefer, we have the best favorites for you!

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Mini Space Heating: Lasko ($ 21

Space heating is a great way to warm up your workspace. Our list of Space Heaters for Rooms of Different Size is a good starting point if you are looking for a heater. If you are looking for a heater that is small enough to fit your desk, we recommend a Lasko MyHeat heater.

This Lasko MyHeat Personal Space Heater is a powerful heater that can be switched on at the push of a button. Just switch on and in a few seconds you have a warm heat to take the cold off your hands.

This rectangular heater is about 6 inches tall – so small that you can carry it in one hand when you want to move around the office. The heater also has an overheat sensor that shuts it off for your safety. This is a great option for times when you just need a bit of heat (and do not want to heat up the entire office). Note that it is sold out quite quickly at this time of the year. If the Black model is out of stock, you should use the navy blue or white model instead.

Warm Desk Pad: Kupx ($ 33)

Do you want a heating pad for an office that you can use anywhere? Maybe your feet are cool or your hands are too cold to type. You can put the Kupx Warm Desk Pad under your mouse and keyboard or even under your desk – you can even have two of them and have them in both places!

With different modes, you can be sure that your items are protected from heat. If you want to warm your feet under your desk, you can choose the full heating mode. However, if you want to use the Kupx as a thermal mat on your desk, you can choose the pad that heats only part of the pad (so your laptop or electronics will not overheat).

The Kupx heats up in about 30 seconds and has a durable and waterproof rubber floor and a waterproof leatherette top. For safety reasons, this pad shuts down when it reaches 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Earphones: 180's Bluetooth II Ear Warmer Headphones ($ 38)

If you listen to music while working or talk to headphones or headphones, but have cold ears, then the 180's Bluetooth II Ear Warmer Headphones can work just fine that's what you need. With three different colors you can wear these insulated polyester headphones with a full charge up to 9 hours.

If comfort and sound are your concern, those 180s will do the job. They are comfortable around your ears and keep you warm (both inside and outside the office). In addition, it is Bluetooth. So you do not have to worry about interfering cables unless they're charging. With an adjustable click-to-seat design, you can easily wear these headphones around your head.

Heater Mouse Pad: ValueRays ($ 25)

Will your hands ever get cold when you touch your computer mouse? If you're sick of cold ankles, check out the ValueRays Mouse Hand Warmer. Simply slide your hand (and mouse) into the large opening of the cuddle bag and get down to business! This 12 "x 12" size pad fits easily on your desk and works with any mouse (both wireless and USB powered). It may look a bit strange, but it's like a snuggy for your hands.

This non-slip fleece mouse pad has a USB plug that plugs the infrared heater and plugs directly into your computer. The ValueRays Mouse Hand Warmer can also be washed (be sure to hand wash and dry).

If you like the idea of ​​a heated mouse pad, check out this cute and funny version, which is also a stuffed cat: Update the Everyday Heating Mouse Pad .

Handwarmer Mouse: ValueRays ($ 25)

If the heater pad was not enough, you might be interested in this ValueRays handheld mouse with USB mouse. This mouse has a left, right, and DPI buttons and a high-speed cursor. There is also a button on the bottom to turn the heater on and off. It's not exactly an ultra-high-end gaming mouse, but for people who crave warm hands and increase circulation, it's a perfect fit.

The ValueRays have seen five "hand acupressure points" on the top of the mouse (the pimples) above). While we can not comment on the effectiveness of mouse acupressure, people seem to like that feature. Finally, the mouse can reach up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit and exude heat on all sides for maximum comfort and warmth. After all, this mouse is perfect for right and left-handers!

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