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The best pull up bars for home training – Review Geek

  Sporty woman on a chin-up bar MilanMarkovic78 / Shutterstock.com

Pull-up bars are great for training your upper body and torso, using only your body weight. Most bars can also be used for a variety of other exercises such as pushups, sit-ups and dips.

What to look for in a chin-up bar?

Pull Up Bars are great for building strength, but before you decide to buy, you should consider what your needs are.

  • Size: One of the most important things you need to do before you buy a chin-up bar is to make sure it works to fit where you want to use it. Some doors are too small or too big to properly support a pull-up bar. So if you have a non-standard door frame, make sure it fits the one you bought.
  • Handle: There are many different ways to use a chin-up bar to work different areas of the door body. The direction in which you grip the bar, and the distance between your hands significantly change the training you get. Pull-up bars with multiple grip areas maximize the muscles that you can work with the device.
  • Comfort: You hang your entire body on the bars. The contact points should not only be comfortable but also easy to grip. They do not want to slip off as if it were a carnival game.

The best for most people: Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

  Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Door Pull Rod
Perfect Fitness

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is an excellent product with three different ones Grip positions: narrow, wide and neutral. In addition to the three types of pull-ups you can use with this product, it's designed to carry sit-ups, dips, and pushups with it when you place it on the floor of a door, giving you plenty of exercise options ,

The Multi-Gym Pro fits most standard doors from 26 to 33 inches and can be constructed in several ways. There are several holes in the bars of different lengths, so even if your bar is larger than usual, you can push the bar further into the door frame to make sure it fits properly. The flat padding area distributes the weight of your body more evenly over the door frame, eliminating notches and marks that other models with round posts might leave after extended use. In this way, the ends of the pull-up bar can also be used as an extra wide handle without the need for a weaker secondary bar.

Best for most people

Budget choice: ProSource Multi-Pull Up Bar

  ProsourceFit pull-up / pull-up bar with multiple handles

ProSource pull-up bar with multiple handles five different sets of padded handles for multiple hand positions. It can also be placed on the floor for more comfortable pushups and triceps dips. There are three different horizontal grips for standard orientation pull-ups to ensure that there is a comfortable position for almost anyone – regardless of size and shoulder width. It also fits into any standard door frame ( 22-36-inch ), making it perfect for anyone looking to save their budget.

The budget choice

The premium choice: Gym1 weight training package

  Weight training package Gym1
Weight training package Gym1

If you are looking for the versatility of a product, the weight training package Gym1 offers you all the advantages of a chin-up bar and much more , This product offers up to six grip positions for different pull-ups and has abdominal straps that allow your arms to slide so you have more control over your core during the exercises.

This product fits any standard 26-36 "door frame and uses vices instead of levers to support you. This makes them the safest chin-up bar over the door in the market. Not only can you swing and rotate this bar, but it is also designed to support many different attachments. It can hold heavy punching bags, speedbags, yoga straps, gymnastic rings and much more. Gym1 offers a variety of different products to give you more options and extend the usefulness of this bar] Ultimate

The Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar is another great option we could not afford to miss. This product offers six different grip positions, three of which are raised in front of the pole. The extra height above the ground is ideal for taller people who hate having to bend their legs to fit in something that is made for normal sized people. In addition, you have extra distance to the door frame, which gives you more shoulder room and can take full advantage of the extra wide handles, without constantly bumping your arms against everything. It fits most standard 26-inch doors and has expanders that can be up to 36 inches tall so you can install it anywhere.

The best for tall people

The most compact option: Garren Fitness Maximiza chin-up bar

  Garren Fitness Maximiza chin-up bar
Garren Fitness

If you're looking for a more compact chin-up bar that does not take up much space The Garren Fitness Maximiza Up Bar is a single-bar option that can hold up to 300 pounds depending on the bracket used. It fits in door openings from 26 to 39 inches with three different installation options for different load options. With the lowest security option, friction will only be inserted into the door until it is firmly seated. This can withstand up to 30 kg. For the other safer options, you need to screw in two end brackets on both sides of the door, and the bar protrudes between the brackets. It comes with two sets of high-performance brackets (can carry up to 300 pounds) and a medium-heavy set (can carry up to 200 pounds), which means you can install the rod in multiple places for different types of exercises. Depending on your door opening and its installation, this is also one of the few options that can remain in the door all the time, even with the door closed.

The most compact option

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