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The Best Razors For Under $ 200 – Review Geek

  A man with a razor
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Have you ever shaved a barber with a razor? It is grand . Turn this opulent treat into a daily expectation with one of these great razors.

Are you fed up with throwing away plastic culture? Do you feel lost in this modern age? Did you make it to here with "security"?

You are not alone. Part of being human is working with your hands and making efforts. It used to take a while, you know? Fetching water, misting your horse, shaving your face ̵

1; these things took time, but came with a certain satisfaction.

Now water comes out of the tap, automatic horses (cars) do not need shoes, and people are sure to shave shavers – or risk their lives with electric razors (or at least their follicular load). It is an absolute madness.

Here are some of the best and most cost effective ways to get started in the razor game.

Best Premium Razor: Dovo Special ($ 127)

  Dovo Special Razor [19659004] At this point you see our first prize and think, "Oh! Razors are pretty expensive. Well, it's all relative, we've found some high-end razors (including others from Dovo) that will bring you into the ballpark for several hundred dollars, as well as a conventional non-Shavette razor made of carbon steel ( the blade is one piece, rather than using replaceable razor blades) forever damn, you could one day give it to your child (you know, when it's reached its highest age) and you're not spending money on new razors or buy new grip units.

If you are essentially buying a high-quality, highly specialized knife, the Dovo Special is a good example of this comparison.This razor has many features of a good, traditional knife: a carbon steel blade (not stainless) This means that the blade holds a very very sharp edge, it also means that you have it after dry and oil to avoid rust, similar to what you would do with a sword, for example. The tip of the blade is rounded – which is useful to avoid accidental notches.

And since history is part of the fascination of razors, it is worth noting that Dovo is a blade company in Solingen – a place well known for its steel blades, since in the Middle Ages it made swords for all of Europe using top secret techniques , Think of it as Damascus West. The tradition of blade building in the city has continued unabated, albeit with a focus on smaller, more practical blades such as knives, scissors and razors.

So, yes. That's why this costs $ 127.

Best on Sale: Boker King Cutter (99 USD and above)

  Boker King Cutter Razor

Take everything we've said about Dovo blades and apply it to Böker. It is another well established. Long-term razor from Solingen. Like the Dovo, this blade is carbon steel, although Böker mixes in some silver and precious metals, meaning that this is a technically protected alloy. You do not know exactly what's in it, but honestly, what would you do with that information? Will you really try to make your own Boker tee?

We both know you will not. Especially not for under $ 100. That's all you need to make one of those sharp little devils your own. TECHNICALLY, the King Cutter costs $ 168 directly from Boker. But Cutlery Shoppe [sic] sells them for a cool $ 98.40.

Amazon does not run it at the moment, but here is the link if you're an Amazon customer review junkie.

Best Donkey Kit: AP Donovan ($ 180)

  AP Donovan Razor Shaving Kit

The above razors are fantastic, but lack some features. For a Prussian grenadier trying to keep his regular mustache during his election campaign in France, a dry shave with a razor not held in check may have been a necessity, but you live in relative luxury. That means you'll need to buy the following: a honing strip, some shaving soap, a brush, and a small wooden box so you do not have to store everything in a small plastic bag with a zipper.

Or – OR! – Purchase this AP Donovan kit as it contains all these things without surpassing the other price options. Some special features: The strap is on one side of Kazakh leather, on the other side of sturdy linen, and you can (and will) sharpen your razor, as you have seen in the movie.

The razor itself is made of Japanese carbon steel. Is Japanese steel superior to other steels? No not true. However, it specializes in edge hardness, which means that it does not deform easily (less honing on this strop) and may be slightly sharper than softer steel. The handle is made of mahogany, a dense hardwood that balances the razor's steel business and provides a better balance in the hand.

Wrapping: The shaving soap is soap. The brush is made of badger skin (so do not leave your dachshund nearby, otherwise there will be terrible violence). If you want to learn more about shaving brushes and the different materials, find out about the best brushes you can buy for your money.

Best Affordable Option: Equinox Professional Razor (11 USD)

  Equinox Professional Razor with Blades

"Please, sir: I only earn 2 pence a month as a pinsetter at the local ball bowling company. I need a more affordable razor than the above! "

Do not worry, destitute, razor-sharp helpers – there's a more economical (and low-maintenance) option: the Equinox razor.

The Shavette razor class has no integrated blade. Instead, a disposable razor blade is pushed to the point where the razor would normally be located. This provides less maintenance (no honing required) and is more hygienic if you share the razor with others (as if you are a hairdresser).

Of course, this easily betrays the desire to eliminate waste products in their shaving routine. But remember, instead of contributing to the garbage dumps on the landfill, your shaving garbage is a relatively harmless pile of old razorblades. Still dangerous, yes, but there will be less of it, and it will not contain any poisonous polymers that get into the groundwater supply. Follow the good, not the perfect.

Speaking of piles of razor blades: The Equinox comes with 100 single-edged derby blades. Each one of them is good for 2-3 shaves or, if you're a professional writer, you may want to stretch that out to a full week to save money.

Not that anything about this Equinox costs a lot. Did we mention that these are 11 dollars on Amazon? Too cheap to be good, right? Well, it's a # 1 Amazon bestseller. We are becoming a bit more defensive because of incredible deals. Do not take our word for it: This Equinox-Shavette has over 2,100 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars (out of 5).

According to the script: There is another highly unorthodox option for buying a conventional (non-shavette) razor for under $ 100. For a great price of $ 60 (and free shipping), West Coast Shaving offers you a vintage rescue razor. You will completely revise / restore an old razor for you. You will not have to select the particular manufacturer (or other details), but you will get a reputable razor with a brand name and a one year warranty. If it loses its edge, you can send it back for reprocessing. It's a compelling option for someone who really wants to have a bit of history in their hands and stick to it in the eye of the throwaway culture. And it costs less again.

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