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The Best Smart Locks for Your Google Home – Review Geek

Smart locks let you get in and out of the comfort of your own home, and if you want one that works with your Google homepage, there are some great options.

There are different styles You can choose from smart locks. The "best" for you may be different from the "best" for another person, depending on your wishes and needs. However, if you're just looking for the best that suits your Google homepage, we've covered it.

Nest x Yale Lock ($ 249)

If your Smart Lock works with Google Home, there really is no better choice than the Nest x Yale Lock. It was created by a Google-owned company (Nest) in partnership with a renowned door lock company (Yale).

Because Nest is a Nest product, there's no doubt that it works seamlessly with your Google homepage. However, make sure you also get Nest Connect, which costs an additional $ 30 (or if you already have a Nest Secure system, you can use this). One of these devices allows the lock to connect to your Wi-Fi network to control it from your Google Home, as well as from your phone.

With the Google Home, you can lock the door from the other side of the house or just check the status to see if it's locked or not. You can even paste the lock into Google Assistant routines.

The only downside is that there is no conventional keyhole for manual override, if that's your business. Otherwise, if the batteries died, you could hold a 9V battery at the terminals on the bottom of the lock and then enter the access code to unlock the door.

Keep Your Existing Deadbolt: August Smart Lock ($ 150)

If you prefer to keep your existing latch in order not to exchange the keys (or if you only like the look of your current lock), your best bet is the best choice with the August Smart Lock.

With this device, you can hold your existing latch, which means that it looks like a normal lock from the outside. The August Smart Lock simply replaces the internal mechanism to give your existing lock the intelligence you need.

However, to work with your Google Home, you'll need the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which costs extra, but at the end of the day you still spend about the same amount as most other smart locks on the market. Once you have everything set up, you can remotely control the lock and tell your Google Home to lock the door with your voice.

If you have a Smarthome hub: hit Connect ($ 199)

While the previous two models need their own small hub point point to work with Google Home, the Connect plug can connect to almost any Z-Wave Smarthome hub you may already have , [19659002] Once you're connected to your Smarthome hub of your choice, you can remotely control the lock from your phone, and even lock the door with your voice on your Google Home device.

It also has a keypad and a physical keyhole for the best of both worlds.

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