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The Best Sous Vide Accessories for Even Easier Meal Prep – Review Geek

At ReviewGeek we are big fans of cooking via the sous vide method. It's a fantastic way to get accurate results, and with a few extra accessories, it will be the simplest cooking method you use.

Sous Vide Cooking, also known as Immersion Circulation, is a super easy way to cook just to make sure your food is cooked to perfection. The Anova Precision Cooker is our favorite Sous Vide device. However, you need the right accessories to come along, so we've tested the best tools to get you started.

If you are not sure yet about the benefits of Sous Vide, here is a brief overview of two key benefits of using the method. It does not mean undocumented meat anymore, since everything is cooked properly without the risk of the chicken becoming too dry, for example. Unlike grilling, stir-frying or oven-baking or other cooking methods where temperature control is much more difficult, sous vide cooking is just after the tenth degree. The other big plus is that you do not have to spend a lot of time watching things cook. You can go away and leave it to do all the hard work for you. A bit like a slow cooker, but much cooler and much more accurate. Sold

? Cool. Get the Anova Precision Cooker, then come back here and we can guide you through the other items you need to take full advantage.

A Container: Rubbermaid Commercial Food Storage Containers ($ 1
9- $ 33)

It is possible to use any old pot that is deep enough, but it makes sense to have a special container. All the more so as plastic is a better insulator and this type of cooking is a good insulation. The Rubbermaid Commercial Food Reservoir is ideal as it is available in various sizes and robust. It is dishwasher safe and made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, making it ideal for everyday use.

Is it exciting? Not in the least, but it will feel better if you have started to cook delicious food! The ability to look through the container and see how you cook gives it a real crazy scientist atmosphere.

A DIY Lid for the Container: Rubbermaid Food Storage Container ($ 5)

You need a lid for the container and there are many options. If you're not afraid to do it yourself, you can buy a regular Rubbermaid Food Storage Container Lid for $ 5 and cut the hole for yourself. The lid is needed to reduce evaporation and it is useful to cut the hole exactly as you like it. The plastic is relatively soft and easy to cut with a knife. The DIY route is the option recommended by many enthusiastic Sous Vide chefs, but we will not blame you for buying a finished lid.

A ready-to-use lid: Sous Vide Container Lid with Collapsible Hinge ($ 9)

Prefer to avoid DIY work and only buy a finished lid? The Sous Vide lid with hinged hinge is a pretty good option. It is available in the correct sizes for the Rubbermaid container and has a collapsible hinge for extra comfort. With a tight seal, you do not have to worry about heat loss or water evaporation. It is good and durable too, as well as dishwasher safe.

One Rack: Stainless Steel Sous Vide Rack for 12QT Containers ($ 26)

You need a kind of dish rack to put it in the container so you can safely place the bags of food next to each other. It is possible to reuse a crockery basket that you already own, provided that it fits, but we have assumed that you are brand new. Buy Geesta's Stainless Steel Sous Vide Rack and you do not have to worry.

It is made of stainless steel, so there is no risk of rust, stains or corrosion. A cross bar holds the bags in place to prevent floating or half cooked problems, and you can easily fit in many bags at once. When it comes to picking things up, there's an extended grip so you do not have to worry about touching hot water. It is completely collapsible for storage purposes too.

Weights: KORE Sous Vide Weighted Magnets ($ 16)

It's really important to keep your food bags under water. Otherwise, the food could not be cooked properly or evenly. One of the easiest ways to keep the bags under water is to buy some weighted magnets. The KORE Sous Vide Weighted Magnets are a very stylish and easy to follow option. Available as a pair, the magnets can be used outside the food bag so that the weights never directly touch the food. This gives you the advantage that you do not have to wash them as often as other options.

Made of food grade silicone and stainless steel, they are durable and last a long time. You will soon wonder how you get along without them.

Bulldog Clips: Metal Bulldog Clips Pack of 20 ($ 8)

OK, so there are other ways you can hold your bags. A simple method is to use Bulldog clips to attach the pockets to the rack. It's not as neat or as stylish as using special magnets, but you may find that you prefer this route. Buy a pack of 20 Metal Bulldog Clips for $ 8 and you can always use them for something else when you switch with the magnets.

Automatic Vacuum Sealer: Mooka Vacuum Sealer ($ 48)

The key to Sous Vide is to completely seal the bag of food so it can cook properly. Manual vacuum seals are one such option, but if you can, go with an automatic for maximum effectiveness. The Mooka Vacuum Sealer makes everything he could wish for thanks to its dry and humidification modes.

The lower pad of the heating strip is provided with a mica foil and withstands temperatures of up to 800 ° C. The sealer is designed for continuous use up to 40 concurrent applications (not that you often close 40 vacuum bags in a row) – but it's good to know that the design is stable.

If you've been using Ziploc bags With your sous vide instead of the right vacuum-sealed bags, you'll be blown away by what's different and can be useful for cooking and household as well as sous vide cooking.

Budget Vacuum Sealer: Forsous Sous Vide Bag Kit ($ 16)

On a budget and do not mind doing anything for yourself? Buy the Forsus Sous Vide Bag Kit and you can manually close the pockets with a hand pump. It is very easy to pump out the air to make sure the bag is tightly closed. It may not be as easy as using an automatic device. On the positive side, it does not require electricity, just a good old-fashioned physical effort. You also save on the purchase of rolls of vacuum bag material and reduce waste by reusing the bags. On the other hand, you need to wash and dry the bags (and some recipes with strong flavors can leave persistent odors in the plastic.)

Food Searing Torch: Ingeniosity Products Culinary Torch Lighter ($ 17)

One of the few drawbacks of Sous Vide is how the food looks after taking it out of the bag. There is a simple solution and it is called a burning torch. Use the torch lighter from Ingeniosity Products to add some color, crunch and sening to your meat. It makes a big difference to the end result, taste and appearance. It's also really fun to aim a torch at something (for sure).

For those non-sous vide moments, this is also a perfect tool for Creme Brûlée.

Cast Iron Skillet: Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet ($ 15)

We've talked a lot about cast-iron frying pans because they make a big difference no matter what you cook. As we must limit it to a selection, we have gone with the Lodge 10.25 inch Cast Iron Skillet, thanks to its good price, high quality and ideal size for most forms of cooking.

Like the Burning Torch It's about ending your sous vide meat. If you put it in a pan for the last few minutes, you'll have time for some crunch, tuxedo, and extra texture that you will not get through just sous vide cooking. Plus, the pan is good for many more cooking adventures.

A Coaster: Love This Kitchen Premium Silicone Coaster Mats ($ 13)

Cooking over sous vide is hot work and you have to leave it safe for a while. So as not to damage the surface of your kitchen, buy the Love This Kitchen Premium Silicone Coasters to set up the container. Heat resistant up to 442 Fahrenheit, they are thick yet flexible thanks to the silicone construction. In addition to the protective surfaces, it is also very handy, so that your Soud video container does not slip.

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