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The Best Standing Desk Trays – Review Geek

Standing desks are a great way to take care of your back, but your wrists are not always gentle. If you do not find comfortable keyboard space on your standing desk, we have a keyboard tray for you.

There are many different keyboard trays on the market. Most of them claim that they improve your writing skills, but you must use the keyboard tray that is suitable for your standing desk. Otherwise you will put even more stress on your wrists. For example, you only want to place a tray under a desk on a high desk, not on a normal desk with riser. You know, because bending over to writing would be a pain.

That's why we took the time to find the best keyboard slots for any kind of lectern. We even looked at two standing desk converters in this list if you are frustrated with your standing desk or just thinking about what it's like to own one.

Premium Acrylics Keyboard Stand ($ 1

Let's start small. If you already have a lectern or a keyboard riser, there is a good chance you will not need a dedicated keyboard tray. But it does not hurt to get an ergonomic, tilted keyboard stand for only 15 euros. This inclined keyboard tray by First-Rate Acrylics is made of a durable plastic that should treat your violent keystrokes with enthusiasm. It's 17 inches wide, which offers enough space for your average keyboard, and it has a long rubber foot to prevent slipping.

This product will not turn your ordinary desk into a standing desk. It will only improve the ergonomics of your standing desk or keyboard riser. It takes up some desk space and can not hold the mouse, but we've described some options that can do that.

Standing Desk Desk Tray (44 USD) [449]

If you have a smaller lectern, you probably are not looking for a flashy keyboard tray. A keyboard tray under the desk is great for saving desk space and keeps you from being too close to your desk. The Extendable Keyboard Tray on the Stand Up Desk Store is a simple, affordable keyboard solution for your standing desk. It's more than enough for your average keyboard, and you should also have enough room to place a mouse on it. This keyboard tray is installed with brackets so you do not have to worry about getting your desk damaged with holes.

If you're trying to replace a regular desk, you obviously do not want to use a desk bin in a standing desk. This keyboard tray is 25 "x 11.5" and offers plenty of space for keyboard and mouse. If you have a particularly large keyboard or mouse, you can put $ 5 extra for a 27-inch tablet under the desk.

Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Keyboard Tray ($ 43)

If you're looking for the most ergonomic and an adjustable keyboard tray option, then consider the Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ holder. It rests on your standing desk and can actually move your keyboard toward or away from your body. That way you can keep your wrists straight from any angle when using the keyboard. Of course, you can also set the height of the WorkEZ keyboard tray up to 18 inches, so you do not have to worry about it being too big or too short for your desk.

The WorkEZ keyboard tray is 18 inches wide. That's more than enough room for a normal keyboard. The floating mouse pad measures 7 x 7 cm, which should satisfy everyone, including the players. If you're left-handed, it's not too hard to remove the mouse pad from the keyboard tray and move it to the other side.

Adjustable Seat / Stand Converter by North Bayou ($ 80)

If you do not have a standing desk or riser yet, you are in a good place to quietly consider your options. Maybe you are not sure if you want to have a lectern or you want to be able to switch between sitting and standing. In that case you should check this converter North Bayou. It holds your monitor, keyboard and mouse without taking up much space on your desk, and can be adjusted for any position or angle. You can also rotate your monitor with this converter, which is pretty neat. This is ideal for situations where you may need to go to and from your desk, such as in a classroom.

The North Bayou converter can be installed in a variety of ways, which is suitable for those with a cumbersome desk or computer afraid of power tools. You can install this converter by clamping it to the back of your desk or by drilling a inch hole in your desk and installing a rubber grommet.

This product is obviously not for everyone. It's versatile and fancy, but it does not work well for you if you have multiple monitors or already have a high desk.

VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Riser ($ 450)

This is another option for people who do not yet have a standing desk or riser, or for those who want to switch between sitting and standing desks. The adjustable riser from VERIDESK is a long-lasting head top that can do virtually anything you need at a desk without compromising on looks or ease of use.

The VERIDESK riser is 40 inches wide, which offers more than enough room to hold a few monitors, a large keyboard, and a mouse. The keyboard tray is slightly tilted for ergonomic reasons, so no additional tilted keyboard tray is required. The VARIDESK also looks great when converted to a seat-desk mode, as it does not waste desk space or makes it difficult to use the keyboard.

This is a pretty expensive option. If you want to get a high desk, I would suggest taking your 450 € and getting a new desk instead of a riser. However, if you want to be able to sit or stand, this is the step. If you do not want to get a new desk, try a riser, and are out of the $ 450 range, check out our other selections in this category here for some cheap options.

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