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The Best Subscription Boxes for Vinyl Collectors – Review Geek

Vinyl Me Please

Crawling through boxes is fun, but it can be difficult to find a good, playable record at a reasonable price. Fortunately, there are subscription boxes that make collecting albums more affordable and easier.

Even if the popularity of vinyl has increased in the last decade, it may still be a surprise that there are a lot of vinyl subscription boxes on the market now. They all have their own perks (excluding records, old records, indie records, etc.), but the general idea remains the same on all sites: Build your data collection without wasting time and money.

Many of these subscription sites allow you to choose a preferred genre or even specific records you want each month so you do not end up bad. Some of these subscriptions offer exclusive records, graphics, and inserts that could gain in value over time.

Of course, one subscription box depends on more than one, depending on your budget or listening preferences. Subscribing to more than one would be … expensive. That's why we took the time to find the best record boxes for all needs.

Vinyl Me, Please ($ 25)

Vinyl Me, Please is one of the most popular subscription services for records on the Internet, and for good reason. Each month, Vinyl Me sends you an exclusive record, usually with a colored disc, a text supplement or special graphics. And these are not records you've never heard of before, they're classics (and new hits) from all genres, including hip-hop and funk.

You can decide which genre you want each month. If you do not like the Vinyl Me offer, you can opt for another record or record sent a month ago. Some of Vinyl Me's exclusive vinyl records have become popular collectibles so you can get on the train right now if you have the dough.

Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club ($ 20)

If you're a fan of subscription boxes, you've probably heard of Cratejoy. The site is full of unique subscription boxes, from cat boxes to make-up boxes, and it turns out that even the subscription to the Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club is pretty good.

With the Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club, you will receive 6 used LPs each in the Post Month. However, this is not a blind bag, Cratejoy sends good and popular old records from your favorite genre. For just $ 20 a month, this is a great way to replenish your record collection with some of the classics and some hidden gems.

Feedbands Vinyl Club ($ 25)

Are you a fan of indie music? Feedbands Vinyl Club is a subscription service that ships new exclusive records every month. While you can not pick a genre or album that you want, Freedbands uses a voting system to decide which indie album they'll be pushing each month.

This is a great way to get your hands on some brand new records, while supporting and discovering independent artists. Who knows, some of these indie artists could grow up and you have an important part of their career in your collection.

Vinylmnky (over 25 USD)

Vinylmnky is the leading subscription service for new, groundbreaking records. Each month you will receive a copy of a brand new record as well as some exclusive items like artwork and inserts. With Vinylmnky, you can choose the genre you want, and even the ability to exchange your monthly record for something else, if you're disappointed.

The youngest artists on Vinylmnky include Sampha, Jacob Banks, and Blood Orange. Many of these new hit albums cost $ 30 or more on Amazon, so getting them together with exclusive art for only $ 25 a month is a great deal.

VNYL ($ 39)

You want to record some new albums without breaking the bank? VNYL is an excellent subscription service for reprinted albums of all genres. These are not just random records, they are tailored to your Spotify account and your VNYL Vibe preferences.

In the past, VNYL has sent records from Toro Y Moi, Sharon Van Etten and Cardi B. These are some pretty good artists from very different genres. VNYL does not have a lot of classic rock or soul, but it's a great source for new albums.

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