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The Best Text Editors for iPhone and iPad – Review Geek

  Apple Pencil sits next to an iPad Pro keyboard.
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All text editors seem to be the same, but it's important to pick the right one. Whether you write a novel or a grocery list, you need the right tool. Here are some of the best text editors for iPhone and iPad.

What to Look Out for in a Text Editor

Text editors should do just that ̵

1; Edit text . However, there are many other features that you might want to look for in a text editor. Do you want rich or plain text functionality first? In rich text editors, you can add images and sometimes edit them easily, but not in plain text editors. However, plain text editors often provide extended markdown support and syntax highlighting.

Markdown support is not a given, especially in rich-text editors like Pages. Keep your eyes peeled open if this is a must. The most robust plain text editors often provide an extensive preview of your content as needed.

Writing code may require syntax highlighting. Markdown highlights are also available in some apps.

All the apps we recommend support syncing in some way, be it through iCloud or a storage service like Dropbox. The organization of the documents depends on the synchronization method. For example, those using iCloud often do not provide a folder or subfolder structure. Pages is also a good example here.

You probably already know the features you need, but with so many different text editors to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Which one is right for you?

The best for most people: Pages

 A document opened in pages.

You can not create a list of text editors without pages. It's also different from the other apps on our list, as it's more like Mac's WYSIWYG text editors (what-you-see-is-what-you-get).

Rich text, images and support for the Apple Pencil are all there. However, there is no markdown support – if you want syntax highlighting and the like, you have to look around.

However, Pages immediately feels right at home for those who want their words to look exactly as printed. [19659006] For most people, Pages provides everything they need to occasionally write a letter or create a greeting card. It also has built-in iCloud support, which allows some collaboration that other apps do not have. If necessary, you can even use pages on a PC via a web browser.

Pages is free and comes with every iPhone and iPad.

Best for Pros: iA Writer

 Open to document in iA Writer.

iA Writer has been around for a long time in various forms. As you would expect from something with years of glory, here are many points to consider. It is also a four-time winner of the Best of App Store and everything mediocre does not win.

Text editors are not known for their glossy finishes or offbeat gestures, but iA Writer is a step above the competition and looks great. It will stay out of the way, if need be. With different fonts, sizes, and even line length, you can make text look exactly the way you want it. All who want to make their writing experience their own are in their element.

All fonts are still plain text, even if you configure them to appear on the screen. Transcripts are supported and you can preview documents in HTLM format to see what things look like when they are published. A customizable keyboard gives you all the commands you need to use frequently. The impressive focus mode dims everything except the current sentence or paragraph, so you can better get into the groove. Whenever Apple adds a new API or Framework to iOS, you can bet that iA Writer is one of the first apps to use it.

You can purchase iA Writer for $ 8.99 and no in-app purchases are required. [19659017] The best for more than text: Bär

 An open document in Bär.

Bear has received an Apple Design Award and these are not easy to come by. It's great for taking notes, but it can work just as well with your latest blog post or book draft.

It looks, feels, and works so it works well to store bits of information such as images, links, and files. We recorded it because it is very popular with users. If you're looking for something to write notes and in long form, Bear is your first choice. Due to its ability to process various types of information, it is particularly suitable for use as a journaling tool.

You can link notes for quick reference and export individual notes in all possible formats, including PDF, JPG, DOCX, and HTML. A strong search game means you can easily find things you've written before.

There are also many topics. They change every aspect of how Bear looks and feels. Whether you want a dark or light background or multi-colored text, Bear has it. None of this makes the writing better, but the app is definitely more fun!

One version of the Bear app is available for the Mac. Synchronization between the two apps is possible if you pay the subscription fee of $ 14.99 per year for Bear Pro.

The app can be downloaded for free, but you will miss the advanced export options and themes if you do not also receive the Bear Pro subscription.

The Best for Automation: Designs

 An open document in Drafts.

Drafts is another app that does not necessarily fit in the shape of the standard text editor because it can do so much more. In Drafts, you can start your entire text-based work with more automation than ever before, and have the rest done by the app.

The title of Drafts is "Where Text Begins" and that sums up everything perfectly together. They enter text in drafts and then use the customizable automations (or actions) to send to web services or other apps. This text can be converted into an SMS or e-mail. Or it can be uploaded to a web server or blog. Actions can be created to interact with almost any other app on your phone or any web service using an API.

Drafts also support some high-performance scripts. Developer Agile Tortoise also maintains a directory of actions. If you do not want to create your own, there is probably already one that can do the job easily.

Although the power of Drafts comes from automation, it's also a great place to write only words. It supports several variants of Markdown and can be thematically designed to look reasonably unobtrusive when dark modes are your thing. It also supports syntax highlighting and an inline markdown preview, so you can see what it looks like when converted to another format, such as HTML or rich text.

Since Drafts captures text and sends it to another location, the interface reflects that. You can have as little or as much of it visible as you want. All automation is just a few clicks away when needed.

Designs can be downloaded for free. However, the annual Drafts Pro subscription of $ 19.99 is required to search for topics, workspaces (similar to what's stored), and the ability to create and edit actions. Drafts Pro is also required to use drafts with URL schemes.

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