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The Best Tools to Get Started with DIY Projects – Review Geek

Whether you're new to your own home or are new to building or repairing for the first time, here are the best tools for getting started in your home improvement journey.

Remember, this is not the case This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it will at least make it easier for you to get started ̵

1; and it will be enough to carry out all sorts of projects around the house. As you become more experienced and encounter more advanced projects that you want to do, you'll inevitably take your toolkit to new heights!

However, once you start, these are the best tools you should consider when buying first.

A handful of cheap basic tools

Before you go into the larger tools you need, it's important to cover your bases with the cheap, basic tools you rely on in most projects:

You might also be looking for an all-in-one tool kit that has the most features you need in the beginning, especially if you do not want to put together your own custom tools.

The point is, however, a combination These tools will be of great use to pretty much any project, whether it's easy to hang a picture frame on the wall or completely rebuild an entire room in your home. You will definitely want these tools above all else.

Power Drill / Impact Driver Combo

Perhaps the first power tool you should buy is a drill that is great for drilling holes and screwing in screws. However, I would resort to a combo with an impact wrench that greatly simplifies your projects.

Impact wrenches make it easier to screw with screws, especially when it comes to longer screws When driven in wood – an impact wrench makes this job very easy.

If you have both by your side, you can run projects faster because you have the drill to drill and the screwdriver to drive in screws – you do not have to spend your time exchanging bits.

Circular Saw

I recommend to every home handyman to own a power saw, and the most versatile is a circular saw like this one from DeWalt.

You can use it to break down plywood or cut a few 2x4s. A table saw and a miter saw would probably be much more capable tools for such things, but if you do not have much space and money, a circular saw is a decent two-for-one tool that can bring you work done.

Socket set

They say that the world is built on nuts and bolts. Okay, maybe they do not say that, but they should. A decent socket set will tackle just about any project involving nuts and bolts.

Something like this is more geared to the builders (no pun intended) if they want to work on their cars or other machines, but there are still plenty of uses of power outlets throughout the house, eg. As attaching a TV to the wall or attaching devices.

Plus, it's definitely one of those tools, if you get a large enough set, you never have to buy another outlet set again. So it's worth buying the largest set you can afford.

Voltage Tester

When performing DIY electrical projects, you should turn off the circuit breakers and test the leads to make sure they are actually turned off. This is best achieved with a voltage tester.

I recommend using both a total voltage tester and a socket tester for power outlets. So you can see if a power outlet is really off, without having to take it out of the wall to get to the cables.

Personal Protective Equipment

Last but not least for just about any DIY project that you want to be sure to protect yourself. This means that in some cases ear protection, eye protection and even mouth / nose protection are used.

Get some earplugs, goggles, and respiratory protection. Power tools are loud and can easily damage your hearing. Plus, you do not want anything to get in your eyes. If you generate a lot of dust during construction, wear a respirator to prevent inhalation of the whole manure. We can not stress the importance of this category enough. For about $ 20 you can save your hearing, your eyes and your lungs. Do not save more than $ 20 now, to later suffer from a ringing noise and partially blind.

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