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The Best USB C Hubs for Your Chromebook – Review Geek

As Chromebooks get thinner and thinner, most port selection is limited to USB-C ports only. Luckily, these are in no way limited, and you can connect your current accessories with one of these great hubs!

A problem with USB-C ports on Windows laptops is that manufacturers may not allow all features. You might see USB-C for data transfer, but the laptop needs a proprietary port for charging and HDMI for video output. It is frustrating and makes the purchase of a USB C hub for a Windows laptop much more work.

Thankfully, Chromebooks do not have this problem. Google is involved in developing a motherboard for every Chromebook and Chromebox, especially to provide seamless updates. The other advantage is if you see a USB-C port on a Chromebook and know that it works for charging, viewing, and 5 Gbps data transfer.

I've used all of these USB C hubs at some point in the last two years with a Chromebook, so I know firsthand that they will work for you.

AUKEY USB-C Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports ($ 1

This hub is great for storing in your pocket, just in case you have a USB A-Stick, a two-way Need to connect factor authentication key or other device. This hub does not provide a pass-through or display-out feature. So look at the other options if they are important to you.

You will receive four USB-A ports to which you can connect your existing accessories. This may be a little over the top for most applications, but it's better to have too many ports on your hub than not enough. Thanks to the low price and the compact design, this bag is perfect in the bag, so you always have it at hand. This hub is available in black or blank white, with the latter costing $ 5.

Tuwejia USB-C Adapter ($ 20)

Whether you store it in your pocket or at your desk, this little hub is a great companion to your Chromebook.

You get 60 watts of pass-through charging, more than fast enough to charge your Chromebook at full speed. The HDMI port is ideal for working on a second screen or for connecting a TV for a movie night. At 4K / 30Hz, it provides a perfect match for your high-resolution monitor. The single USB-A port is ideal for USB sticks or wireless keyboards and mice with a single receiver. This hub is available in gray, silver and red gold, all at the same price.

AUKEY USB C Hub Adapter ($ 36)

AUKEY has another great hub, this time with even more expandability. Despite the additional connections, this can easily be stored in the briefcase.

Like the other AUKEY adapter, you get four USB-A ports for your current accessories. This product adds a continuous power output, good for 60W juice. Chromebooks will not charge faster than 45W. You also get a 4K / 30Hz HDMI port for output on any display, ideal for presentations. This hub is only available in black.

HooToo 6-in-1 USB C Hub ($ 53)

This hub is ideal for when you need it all. Yes, you can always connect a USB-A-Ethernet adapter to another hub, but it's great to install it – less effort, less hassle.

Apart from this Ethernet port, you can achieve up to 100 W of power. This is more than an overkill for your Chromebook, but it can give the hub more life if you later get a more power hungry laptop. In the meantime, you still get a 4K / 30Hz HDMI port to get your apps on the big screen, and three USB A ports for keyboards, mice, and everything else you need.

This hub is available in gray, silver and blank gray, all at the same price. If you do not need an Ethernet jack, HooToo sells a lower priced version that exchanges this port for a full-size SD card slot for $ 40.

Plug-in USB C Dock ($ 129)

If you want to permanently attach something to your desk, Plugable has the dock for you. It costs a lot of money, but it offers more expansion than anything else on this list.

You have three USB-A 3.0 ports and separate microphone and audio output jacks on the front panel so you can easily access them during the day. Around your back you'll find a Gigabit Ethernet jack, a USB-C port to connect your Chromebook, a 4K / 30Hz HDMI port, and two USB 2.0 ports for connecting mice, keyboards, and more permanent accessories. A supplied AC adapter not only supplies your peripherals with juice, but also a 60 watt charger for your Chromebook.

Last but not least, this dock can be set up vertically or horizontally, with a stand included if you want to keep it upright. The pluggable USB-C dock is only available in black.

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