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The Best VPNs to Watch for Whatever You Want in the UK – Review Geek

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If you're in the UK, a new censorship program will be launched in July that will make accessing adult content more difficult online Problems (best) and serious privacy issues (at worst). Here are our preferred VPNs to help you avoid this.

Here is a brief summary if you are unfamiliar with the issue. For several years now, the UK government has been debating the introduction of a nationwide mechanism designed to restrict adult access to pornographic content. After much back and forth, such a mechanism will be introduced on 1

5 July 2019. Legislative verification requirements pose potentially serious privacy issues.

Commercial adult websites – but not other websites that have a variety of adult content, such as Reddit and Imgur – must be checked to see if the person holding the Website visited, is of legal age. The government has left the methodology open to companies, but few mechanisms are available from which you were born and look here. Some of the methods so far include uploading a copy of your driver's license or passport (such as the method using the AgeID system used by MindGeek).

 AgeID portal

It will also be physical passports, which you can buy in a store to get a number that you can plug in, but there is no law that the vendors to force. You can read more about the legislation at the BBC.

We do not know about you, but you'd like to upload a copy of your passport to a third party who will most likely have total garbage disposal and ultimately have the security your stolen database sounds like an absolute privacy nightmare for some reason, especially in this case. If you sit there thinking, "How the hell can I avoid this mess?" Then you're in luck – the law does not do anything with VPNs and you can easily use one to get through all that censorship nonsense. (If you have never heard of a VPN and need a primer, read this great explanation code from our sister site How-To-Geek on this matter.)

Here are our preferred VPNs so you can see everything, what Hell is you would like to watch in the UK, be it Game of Thrones or Game of Bones just as you like without any privacy violations. We've been recommending the following VPNs for years, and for good reason they are rich in features and great values.

Our top selection: ExpressVPN

If you're looking for flexibility and options on your VPN, it's hard to beat ExpressVPN. They have over 3,000 servers at 160 locations in 94 countries. If you want to see something, no matter how geographically limited, there is a chance that ExpressVPN will not let you jump into a new country and watch it in peace without nagging (and definitely not) uploading your passport). In addition, it is very easy to use ExpressVPN on your smartphone and your computer as well as on your standalone devices like your Apple TV or even your router to cover your entire dataset of house in VPN access.

There is a free 30-day trial. After that, prices are between $ 12.95 a month (if you pay monthly) and $ 8.32 a month (if you pay for one year at a time).

Our second choice: StrongVPN

Although we are big fans of our previous election, we are also big fans of StrongVPN, an equally competent (though not quite as extensive) VPN service. They are on over 650 servers in 46 different locations in 26 countries. It's not the worldwide reach of ExpressVPN, but let's be real: you're here to get the hell out of Britain. Whether you land in the US or the Netherlands is irrelevant to your goal of circumventing home rules.

Like ExpressVPN, you can use the service on multiple devices and on different platforms like your laptop, your phone or even with a little extra configuration, your router. If you pay monthly, you will pay $ 10, and if you pay each year, the price will drop by almost half to $ 5.83 a month.

Great for budget browsers: TunnelBear

Let's say your appetite for content that's best viewed outside the UK is modest. If this is the case, you should get to know TunnelBear. The only VPN we found comfortable and with a free option.

The 500MB monthly cap on the free tier will not go very far 4K video, for video or standard definition images this is a decent bandwidth. Do you need more bandwidth? You can jump to unlimited play for $ 9.99 a month (or pay for one year and lower the price to $ 4.99.) With paid levels, you can upgrade to up to five of your devices, including phones, Using Tablets and Computers

Once you've entered the paid tier of TunnelBear, it may make sense to choose one of our previous options – TunnelBear will only provide rock servers in 22 countries with an unknown number of servers interface.

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