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The Best VR Headsets for Your Phone – Review Geek

Virtual Reality works hard to be the future of the game, but dedicated devices are still a bit overpriced. Fortunately, you can experience the joy of VR by connecting your phone to a cheap headset.

Premium VR devices like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift really are a real hit. Together with a good game, it is an incredible and immersive experience. The thing is, you need a powerful computer to use these expensive devices. So how can you experience the VR world without dropping half a wing? You could grab a phone VR headset.

Phone VR headsets are quite cheap compared to the premium items listed above (and the cheapest options are often offered for $ 1

0 or less). They are great little gadgets that let you experience VR for the first time, and almost all phones work with them. At such a low price, you would think that VR headsets for mobile phones are like gadgets, but they're really fun. In addition, the library of VR movies and games for mobile phones continues to grow, so a VR headset with a phone has to wait until dedicated VR devices are cheaper.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know which VR headsets are worth the time for a phone tag, and it still seems to be harder which headsets your phone fits into. That's why we took the time to find the best VR headsets for all needs, from the iPhone to the Android user. Keep in mind that all of these headsets have adjustable lenses, but only a few of them are comfortable to wear with glasses.

Samsung Gear VR & Controller ($ 97)

The Samsung Gear VR has established itself as a leader in sticking to the world of mobile VR, and for good reason. It offers better picture quality than most VR phone headsets and is the only VR phone compatible with Oculus movies and games. The Gear VR also has a super-cool and simple controller that can give any game experience a deeper look, which is very popular with the detailed Oculus games.

Of course, the Gear VR can only be used with Samsung phones. It's a bit of a pity, but by limiting the Gear VR to Samsung devices, they can better optimize performance. IPhone owners still have many great options, but only the Gear VR is compatible with Oculus games.

If you plan on dropping nearly $ 100 on a VR headset, you might want to have a closer look at the Oculus Go. It's a stand-alone device that does not require a phone to operate, but it costs about $ 80 more than the Gear.

Google Daydream View and Remote Control ($ 41)

The Google Daydream has become a popular VR headset for cell phones, with stylish, lightweight design and ease of use. You can fit almost any phone in the daydream, as they are held by an elastic closure on the front. That is, there is likely to be a slight loss of light if the phone is too big. Like the Samsung Gear, you can wear your glasses comfortably with the Daydream.

Unfortunately, the Google Daydream apps are not compatible with iPhones, but other VR apps on the iPhone work well. And although this is a first-rate device, you can not use it to play movies or games on Oculus.

There are headsets that do the same as the Google Daydream for less than $ 30, and you can use the Google Daydream apps with these other headsets. The Daydream is best for a pixel phone, as it is essentially optimized for the device.

Google Cardboard Kit by D-Scope Pro ($ 14)

Years ago, Google Cardboard was the world leader in phone VR headsets. And it's still great hardware – if you have a compatible phone. Newer phones are usually too big for the cardboard, but you can get away with the size of a Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 (or smaller). If you are interested in a Google Cardboard, you should buy the D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit, which is much easier to use and a few dollars cheaper than the official Google Cardboard.

Again, if you & # 39; If you still rock a small or relatively old device (I still have an S6, no shame), then the Google Cardboard Kit from D-Scope Pro will do the job for you at an unbelievably low price. Since many VR apps have been created around the box, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues or confusing settings. You could get a smartphone gaming controller for this device, but there is actually a small button integrated into the headset, so it's up to you.

DESTEK V4 VR headset ($ 25)

The DESTEK V4 VR headset is yet another inexpensive phone VR product, but a bit more modern and powerful than the Google Cardboard. First, it fits into modern devices as big as the iPhone X or Note 9, so you do not have to worry about your phone being incompatible. Since the DESTEK headset is made of soft materials and hard plastics, most light losses are avoided and it sits comfortably on the head. The device is unwieldy and unwieldy, but feels good for such a big, cheap headset.

The DESTEK V4 headset really is a great option for people who want a reasonably priced VR headset at an affordable price. It competes with the quality of the Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydream and lands relatively close to the mark. The DESTEK is not supplied with a controller, but there is a button that is integrated into the side of the headset like Google Cardboard. Of course, you can always buy a cheap smartphone gaming controller for about $ 10.

Fusing VR Glasses ($ 30)

If you're looking for something that's suitable for children, easy to clean and super soft, then you should take a look at the Merge VR glasses. It is a phone VR headset that is branded as a fun educational tool for kids. However, it can be adapted to the head of an adult and can do everything that a normal VR headset for cell phones offers. The Merge is suitable for most cell phones, even for phones that are larger than an iPhone 6+. And since it's made for kids, you know that the merge headset is permanent. The Merge VR glasses are also compatible with the Merge Cube, an AR learning device that has its own games and educational videos.

The Merge VR glasses are also suitable for children and adults. The quality is comparable to that of the DESTEK headset, but it is much more comfortable and available in a few nice colors. This headset is a great gift for a kid or even for yourself. Like other budget headsets, there is no remote control included when merging. You could buy a smartphone gaming controller for about $ 10, or just use the buttons that are installed on top of the device.

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