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The Best Way To Keep Up With World Cup News And Sheet Music On Your Phone «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

As the World Cup in Russia is fast approaching, you are probably wondering how to keep an eye on your country (unless there is the US in that country). While there are a lot of apps that do just that, there is one that stands above the rest when looking for a World Cup coverage – not ESPN, Yahoo, or CBS.

The Best Option After Testing Multiple Apps We found that the progress of the World Cup was "TheScore". It offers the perfect balance between simplicity and ease of use, while still packing the features. The biggest advantage over apps like ESPN and Yahoo Sports are the extensive notifications – you can follow any player or country and get custom notifications for breaking news, points and more.

Step 1
: Install the Score

First you need to install the Score. You can either manually search the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), or tap the link below to access it directly. Download and install it, then open it.

Step 2: Follow Your Favorite Teams And Players

When you first open the score, you'll be asked if you have one Create an account. You will not need to create one that follows the World Cup, but it's a great way to transfer your preferences between devices.

Then you will see a list of "recommended" teams displayed as favorites. You will receive notifications for favorite teams, and their points will be displayed before any other of the same league. The Recommended tab displays only local baseball, hockey, basketball, and football teams. Tap the "WCUP" tab to switch to the World Cup teams and select one of the participating nations. You can choose as many as you like.

The favorite teams work the same way and also determine the favorite players. Do not be afraid to look for less respected teams and players – you can get updates for just about anyone.

Step 3: Episode of the World Cup itself

Now tap on the "Favorites" tab from home You will see all your favorite teams and players at the top, but you still have to love the World Cup itself to get notifications for that to get the whole thing.

Tap Manage at the top right, then tap the Add button above. Now select "World Cup 2018 Coverage" under the "Leagues" tab. You can also select multiple leagues, like the "Champions" or "Europe", by scrolling a bit.

Step 4: Set your notification settings

To see what you are being notified about, go back to the "Favorites" tab and tap "Manage" again, then tap the bell icon next to an entry in the list to customize the preferences for your call.

With Leagues (World Cup Coverage counts as League), you can get great news by activating "Breaking News." For teams, you can receive all kinds of notifications, such as "Breaking News," "Match Start," Receive "Red Cards" and more.

You get similar options for players, though you'll get some more state-oriented options – Any Goal "and" Goal Assist. "If you disable notifications for something disable "Send Me Alerts". Follow it by tapping the star icon next to the bell.

Now you're ready to keep track of your favorite teams this year. Remember, theScore is a great app to keep track of every team or league – not just the World Cup. Its granular notifications make it ideal for a large band of fans, from casual to tough. Who do you limit in this year's World Cup? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover image and screenshots of Brian Lang / Gadget Hacks

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