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The best ways to read news on your iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad are great for eating news, whether it's current events or the latest news from your favorite sports team. In particular, the iPad is ideal for reclining and reading, and we'll tell you how to make the most of it.

When the App Store is filled to the brim with new apps for your iPhone or iPad, it can be hard to know which ones are downloaded and in some cases even purchased. Do you even have to try a third-party solution when Apple offers its own news reading app, Apple News? We would suggest that you do so, and we'll let you know about some of the apps we use to track the current state of affairs in many different categories.

Some of these apps will be free, and some will require a fee. We let you decide if reading news is worth getting paid for.

Let's get in!


Feedly is an app and service that gained a lot of momentum when Google closed its RSS service for Google Reader a few years ago, and for good reason. With a free Feedly account, you have the same functionality as the previous Google Reader. There are also apps for iPhone and iPad that make reading a pleasant experience. You can add your own news sources, and Feedly will also make some suggestions if you're interested.

With a free Feedly account, you can access messages from up to 100 sources, iPhone, iPad, and web apps with ads inserted into your feeds. If you'd like to get rid of ads and add unlimited sources, consider the Feedly Pro subscription of $ 5.41 per month. If you read a lot, it is worth it and there are many more features.

Download Feedly from the App Store


The approach that Nuzzel takes is very different to other apps because it does not collect news sources as such. Instead, it tracks the people you follow in social networks, and then shows the links they speak about. The more people talk about a link, the more important the link becomes. Nuzzel will show you the link as well as any people you follow and actively speak about it. That makes Nuzzel a great source of content because you always see links that you would not normally encounter. The bonus? Nuzzel is free.

Download Nuzzel from the App Store.

Apple News

The Apple News app is available on every iPhone and iPad. to place for messages. The app is probably the most beautiful that you can use, and that can mean a lot to some people, including us. This is not good when the news sources are weak, and although Apple News is plenty to choose from, not everything is available, and you can not just give the RSS feed an RSS feed and set it on the road. Websites must support Apple News, which means that some sites and people you read are probably not available in Apple News. This can be a problem because message delivery from the app turns the URL into a special Apple News URL, rendering it useless to anyone who has not installed it.

Download Apple News from the App Store [19659010] Unread

A classic RSS reader that has existed for a long time. Unread is the app that many of the so-called iOS power users will bring you with good reason. It's a good looking app, but unremarkable. It falls out of the way and lets speak the content, which many competing apps can not say.

What makes us such great fans of Unread is the fact that it is a good, old Modern RSS reader in the style of the early App Store days. It brings you to the content that you want and is immediately out of the way so that you can do what you did there: read words. There are many themes that change the look of Unread and make it perfect for the hobbyists out there.

Download Unread on the App Store


Billing as an Inoreader is an RSS replacement for related apps, as is Feedly. Inoreader is so powerful that it can assign colors to the keywords to highlight them, or create filters to ensure that certain types of news items appear together. Would you like to see articles from multiple sources that contain the phrases "iOS" and "RSS" in the same article? Inoreader is the app for you. You must first create a free account before you can sign up. By doing so, you can log in to the Inoreader iPhone or iPad app and start creating filters for the contents of your heart. You can even combine the power of Inoreader with Unread to get the most out of both worlds.

Download Inoreader on the App Store

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