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The best ways to sell or trade your iPhone

With new iPhones just around the corner it's time to think about your upgrade plans. Of course you want one of the new models – but you've already paid a dime for one of the old ones.

Solution: Sell the old iPhone to help subsidize the new iPhone. Here's how to get rid of it in the most profitable way possible.

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Sell your old iPhone for the most money


Get it right now

The closer we get to new iPhone pre-orders, the less your previous model will be worth. Yanyan Ji, Yankee CEO of the Gazelle, says the latest iPhone model will cost up to $ 100 after the release of the new iPhone, while earlier models will drop between 10 and 20 percent.

MusicMagpie, UK-based tech-trade-in website (which operates as Decluttr in the US), notes that Apple phones have the lowest markdown on a brand, but iPhones are seeing up to just after the announcement of new models Lose 25 percent of their value. 19659010] If you have a spare phone or can borrow one, sell your phone right away. If this is not an option, some sites (including Gazelle) grant you a grace period of up to 30 days before sending in your phone.

Before You Sell

Whether you sell your iPhone yourself or trade it into a store Third Party, There are a few things you should do to make sure your data is safe:

  • Back up : Back up all important data – including contacts, photos, videos, and apps – with Apple's iCloud service or a third-party cloud storage service.
  • Uncheck Find My iPhone : Find My iPhone is a security feature that must be turned off before you sell your phone. or no one else can use or reset it. To disable "Find My iPhone", open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to iCloud> Find My iPhone and uncheck
  • [Wipeit: Log off all apps, services, and connected accounts (such as iCloud). Then open the Settings app and go to General> Reset> Clear All Contents and Settings to delete everything from your iPhone. Then you can also go to General> Reset> Reset All Settings to reset the iPhone to factory settings.
  • Remove the SIM card: Do not forget to get out your SIM card, which you probably need for the new phone to keep your existing number and service.

You get the most money for your phone when it's in top shape, but you can do it anyway Do it well when it's in "good" condition: no cracks in the screen, no big dents or scratches in the case, no water damage and everything works fine (the phone turns on, holds a charge and so on).

What if your iPhone is damaged?

If your phone is damaged, you can probably still get something for it, even if it's not turned on. It's not worth repairing a broken screen before you sell it, but if your screen is only slightly damaged-for example, a small hairline crack in the corner-you can sell it instead of trading it yourself. A person may be ready to overlook superficial screen damage at a good price.

Option 1: Sell It By Yourself

Selling your iPhone alone will most likely bring you the most profit, but it's not without its risks.


Craigslist is the riskiest option, but you get money for your device. The biggest challenge here is not finding customers – it makes them show themselves. Get ready for flocs.

If you choose to use Craigslist or another personal option, make sure you meet your buyer in a well-lit public place (many police departments offer their parking lots as transaction status ). For the smooth transaction, make the agreement clear before the meeting – your customer should know in advance the price, the condition of the phone and its mobile service provider.


If you do not mind doing a little work – listing, shipping and paying a small sales charge – eBay is a better option than Craigslist for selling your used iPhone. Since eBay offers protection to its buyers, it is more convenient for people to buy from strangers.

The disadvantage? Fees. eBay calculates a sales charge for products sold through its website: 10 percent of the retail price. If you accept payment via PayPal, a fee of 2.9 percent (4 percent on international sales) of the final value will be charged.

To rate your device, search on eBay for your model and review the "sold" offers. At the time of writing this article, these are the baseball stats Going Rates for various used iPhones on eBay:

The main reason for selling your iPhone on eBay is the potential risk of buyer regret. eBay offers protection to both the seller and the buyer, but tends to be on the buyer's side in the event of a dispute. Scammers know how they can benefit from it. You can minimize your risk by documenting everything and sending your device through a traceable proof-of-delivery service.

Option 2: Trading with

Trading your device for cash, credit or gift cards is the least profitable option, but you are also not liable for any problems with the device as soon as it leaves your hands. (And if your iPhone is in less good shape, some companies will still take it – even if it does not turn on at all.) Trading your iPhone instead of selling it is a great option when you get ready to give up little profit for comfort and peace of mind.

There are traditional trade-in options like Apple's and Best Buy's, and then there are trade-in marketplaces like Decluttr, Gazelle, Glyde, NextWorth and Swappa.

Do not you want to spend time going from shop to shop to get quotes? Go to Flipsy, which compares the trade-in values ​​of around 20 buyback deals. It will show you the payment methods, price lock-out period (that's how long you have before you need to send the phone) and price based on condition. (Unfortunately, Flipsy is no different from phone models, carriers, and stores, since every buy-back store is barely different.)

Here are just a few examples of Apple's Trade-In prizes, Best Buy and Gazelle:

Apple's Trade-In Program

Apple's trade-in program does not yet have any deals for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X online. But if you have an older model, this is a potentially easy way to find a path to a new one, as trades provide you with an Apple Store balance.

Apple's estimated trade-in values ​​(which vary by model and state and are correct from 10 September 2018) are as follows:

Best Buy Trade In

In the past, Best Buy offered some from the better exchange rates, but it is important to note that your money will be paid out in Best Buy gift cards. That's fine if you're a Best Buy fan or planning to buy your next iPhone there, but it's not ideal if you want to buy somewhere else.

Best Buy's trade values ​​are based on wearer, color, capacity and, of course, condition. A few examples:

  • iPhone 8 (64GB) at AT & T, Silver, Good Condition: $ 285
  • iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) at Sprint, Gold, Good Condition: $ 290
  • iPhone 6s (64GB), locked, space gray, good condition: $ 0 (yep – Best Buy does not give you a cent for this model)


Gazelle is a third-party trade-in company that offers direct money (via check or PayPal, you also have an Amazon Gift Card option) for your device. Even scratched / broken iPhones could be worth something; An iPhone 7 with clearly visible scratches and cracks can be worth up to $ 90.

Gazelle tends to offer less for carrier-locked phones, so you should unlock your phone before you trade it. A few examples of the current trade -In prices:

  • iPhone 8 (64GB), unlocked, immaculate Condition: $ 350
  • iPhone 7 Plus (256GB), unlocked, flawless condition: $ 330

Have you ever an iPhone sold or traded? If so, what method did you use and what was the experience?

First published on August 22, 2016.

Update September 11, 2019 at 06:00 PT: Adds new pricing and trade-in information.

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