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The Best Web-Based Live TV Service For You – Review Geek

  There are many ways to watch live network TV online.
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For cable cutters, it is particularly exciting in the USA. There has never been more competition or options for users who want to receive live TV over the Internet. These include live sports and local TV channels in most markets.

With all the competition, it can be difficult to know which service is best for you. Here we come into play. We tested all of the major offerings: YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and Sling, and which areas outperform in which areas.

We should take care Of course, every taste will be different. These services cover many of the same channels, but if one offers a channel without which you can not live without the other, you should not miss our recommendation and watch the shows you want to see. [1

9659004] Also, note that some services do not have contracts with all local ABC, CBS, Fox, and / or NBC partners and may not be able to access all local broadcast channels. Most of the links go to the master channel list for each service: use it as a quick decision aid.

Fortunately, the nature of these services is much more consumer-friendly than traditional cable or satellite television. All services in this guide provide free trials for a week or longer and can be terminated at any time without penalty or expensive hardware. If you are not satisfied with your first choice, you can easily switch to another service. You can even sign up for all at once, compare them during the free trial, and cancel all but the one you choose. And if you're looking for something special for a family with children, be sure to read our guide to kid-friendly TV services.

But enough preamble: Let's go to the show. Here you will find our selection for the best live TV services on the Internet.

The Best Overall Live TV Service: YouTube TV

  YouTube TV is currently the best option for live TV services.

Priced at only $ 40 per month for a single core package that includes local live channels and unlimited cloud DVR (yes, really unlimited) footage, YouTube TV is the best choice for the best map cutting service. While Sling outperforms in price, it's not nearly as flexible and its funny split of the low $ 25 level will confuse and unsettle many users. It's helpful that YouTube TV also has one of the better user interfaces, and it's available on just about any platform you could have it on, including Google's apparent rivals like Roku, Apple TV, and iPhones.

There are some disadvantages to YouTube TV. It is not yet available in all US (and not international) markets, although it covers about 90% of potential users for the country. Google's original program is also very vague – it's being thrown into YouTube Red, but this exclusive line-up does not bring a H4 candle. YouTube TV does not include HBO add-on (though it has Showtime and Starz), but the content is relatively easy to obtain.

For most users who want to access it and want a straight-up replacement for cable TV that is simple and relatively cheap, YouTube TV should be the first place they look.

The Best Live TV Library: Hulu + Live TV

  Hulu + Live TV offers the best selection of original programs on-demand streaming.

Hulu began as a collaboration between some of the largest US media companies. In addition to the usual small cable channels, Hulu + Live TV also includes the almost endless collection of streaming shows that do not require a timetable. Hulu also has most of the network and some cable TV shows available for streaming the night after being broadcast on old-fashioned TV. No manual recording is required.

Hulu has the best selection of completely original content on this list. In an effort to defend against Netflix and Amazon competition, Hulu has invested in a variety of original shows that are exclusive to his service, including The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale, Castle Rock, Future Man and . Runaways . Hulu has even saved a few conventional television programs that were prematurely discontinued, such as The Mindy Project.

Hulu is slightly more expensive than the competition and its basic DVR is limited to only 50 hours. We're also a bit taken aback that the $ 45 entry fee will not be released from ads in the non-live part of Hulu, which alone is much cheaper. And the less said about Hulu's messy interface, the better. Those who want to consolidate their services can add HBO and the other, more typical premium cable TV options in Hulu + Live TV.

The Most Flexible Live TV Service: DirecTV NOW

  DirecTV NOW has the most channel options among live TV services.

It's no surprise that DirecTV's alternative to its satellite TV service is similar to the confusing channel packages you received twenty years ago. With no less than four standard programming levels of $ 40- $ 75 per month, there's a lot to consider in the first test.

But for all that, DirecTV offers the most channels among the services we've tested. over 125 at the most expensive level. And if that's not enough, with $ 5 a month you can add either HBO or Showtime (or both), one of the more affordable upgrade options for these premium channels. DirecTV NOW offers the best selection of sports channels – given the company's connections – and, surprisingly, the best selection of programs for non-English content, including paid programs for Spanish, Brazilian, Korean and Vietnamese broadcasters.

The DVR from DirecTV NOW is miserable in only 20 hours, and only two screens can use it at once without having to pay for an upgrade (and even then there are only three). However, if you can not break the habit of hundreds and hundreds of channels for surfing, this is probably what you want.

The cheapest live TV option: Sling

  Sling offers the cheapest plans among all its competitors.

Sling is objectively the worst option in terms of selection, support and user interface. However, it has an advantage over its competitors: it is dirt cheap. The cheapest levels are both $ 25, sometimes only $ 15 for a few months when you sign up for a new account. (Sling also gives you a free Roku if you pass by for a while.) If you want to try live streaming TV for the least amount of money, this is the way.

But you get what you pay for The lower level of Sling consists of two levels, Blue and Orange, with some (but not all) of the channels overlapping. Blue is better for local television, while Orange gets ESPN … but frustrating, NFL Network is only available on Blue. If you want both levels, you will cost $ 40. At this time, most users are likely to be better served by YouTube TV or Hulu. Many of the channels that are integrated in these services need to be added to Sling in additional packages and you have to pay for any kind of DVR functionality. The value is not that bad, but the other services on this list beat it in any other way.

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