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The best window candles for a festive and cozy home – Review Geek

Window Candles are a great and stylish way to make your home cozy and festive at this time of year. We looked at the best electric and battery powered window candles.

Of course, you can now use traditional candles that are traditional and warm, but it's also useful to have electric ones. You do not have to worry about fire, smoke or wax melt. Sure, the great smell does not exist, but it's a small price to pay for safety, especially if you have small children at home for Christmas.

None of these window candles are super smart, so we recommend the wired options with a Sonoff S31

Smart Plug. We discussed it earlier in the year and it's a great solution for all your automation needs.

Here are our favorite window candles for creating the festive spirit in your home.

Enchanted Spaces Set of 10 Flameless White Tapered Window Candles ($ 57)

The "Enchanted Spaces" set of 10 flameless white notch candles is a pretty elegant set of white candles. Each candle looks like a traditional-looking candle that you can place at the heart of the dining table or simply scatter in your living area to create a beautiful light on dark evenings.

Each candle needs two batteries, so it is lucky that candles turn off automatically after 5 hours. There is also a remote control that lets you conveniently turn it on and off.

Good News LED Christmas Window Christmas Candle with Sensor ($ 11)

You want a simple-looking candle? Look at the Good Tidings LED Christmas window Christmas candle with sensor. The lonely candle has an antique finish, courtesy of the candle holder, which looks quite old fashioned. It's battery-powered, but it has an automatic light sensor that turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn, so you do not have to worry about doing it yourself.

The batteries last about 45 days, provided they run 12 hours a day. For added convenience there is a clip for the windowsill. If you only want a candle, this is a delightful option.

LB International Electric Sensor Window Candles ($ 32)

The LB International Electric Sensor Window Candles are packaged in 6 pieces and look a little more modern than some here, but they work great. Unlike the others listed, they are powered by a 5 foot white cable. That makes her the perfect candidate for the Sonoff S31 Smart Plug. If you choose not to, you can rely on the sensor of the candles to automatically turn off at sunrise and turn on again at dusk.

The candles are reasonably attractive and have a neat looking base that holds them on the windowsill, so they'll look good all year round.

9 "Flameless Christmas Cones Candle Sets ($ 38)

If your windowsill is not big enough to set up a row of candles, or if you do not even have a windowsill, you can still enjoy a window candle with these 9 "Flameless Christmas Cone Candle Sets , They have sockets that fit well on a windowsill, but they also have suction cups so you can attach them to your window instead. If you stay safe at your window, you do not have to worry about them slipping off soon.

The six-pack also includes a remote control that lets you set everything to your liking. Time limits of 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours are available, with the remote control working up to 5 meters from the candles. Like other candles you also need two batteries for each candle.

Darice Electric Welcome Candle Lamp ($ 54)

Another option for anyone who wants to connect a candle to a power source instead of relying on battery power. The Darice Electric Welcome Candle Lamp is more like a lamp than other items. No wonder, if you call his name. 9 inches tall, cream-colored with a golden base.

For $ 54 you get a pack of 12 candles so you can still set them up in your window sill (assuming you have the spare sockets for them) or you can distribute them throughout the house to replace traditional candles. It's your decision. Whatever you do with them, they are a big change from traditional lamps.

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