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The disadvantages of constant traveling – LifeSavvy

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Instagram paints a pretty picture of long-term travel, but it's not exactly. I have traveled almost non-stop for the past four years, and although it is definitely great and I love it, there are serious disadvantages. It is not for everyone.

Since completing my studies in Ireland in 201

5, I have traveled. I started writing in my second year, and when I graduated, I had earned enough to do it full-time. And the best part was that I wrote for newspapers, magazines, and websites around the world. Nobody cared where I was while the work was done. I used this freedom to spend months skiing in France, to live on tropical islands in Asia, to make a road trip through Mexico, to travel by train from coast to coast in the US, to travel in the Mediterranean sailing and seeing the world in general.

Sounds incredible, right? And it is. I loved traveling like that, but the longer I do that, the more I can see the disadvantages. There are a lot of "digital nomads," "#vanlife" ers and the like, who post a distorted, overly positive view of traveling on Instagram. If you follow them, you will be forgiven for only beach days and coconuts. There is a lot more to it – not everything is good.

You lose your life at home

In the four years I have been away, life in Ireland has continued without me. My friends have built careers, made serious relationships, struggled, fallen, and generally continued their lives. If I go back a few months every year, that's not the same thing.

Do not get me wrong, I still love my childhood friends – they are some of my best friends in the world – but their lifelines I was not in the break while I was away. They have changed a lot and I've changed a lot.

After traveling for a few years, it's getting harder and harder to spend time at home. I am a bit retarded. If I went back permanently, things would surely gradually find a new normal state, but I'm still an outsider. They miss a lot. I was a best man at a wedding earlier this year and it cost me several thousand dollars to be there. I can only afford that for the biggest events. At an early stage, I missed somewhat ordinary things like 27th birthday parties. In recent years, however, I have started missing major events.

Just this year I missed another wedding and two of the thirtieth of my best friends. By chance, I was home when my older dog died, so I said goodbye, but I doubt I'll be so lucky next time. I say goodbye to him every time I leave.

If I go further, I'll just miss more events like this one. Births and birthdays, weddings and funerals. They will all happen, whether I am there or not.

Relations are difficult to build

30 minutes later they had a spectacular fight. oneinchpunch / Shutterstock

It's easy to meet many great people traveling – it's much harder to build or maintain a true relationship with them. fast in there. Life stories and confessions fall out. They connect quickly with people and often spend days or weeks together. That's how I found some incredible friends.

The problem is that your lives overlap only for a short time. It may feel like you are going to be your best friends forever and you promise that you'll all see each other again, but it rarely works. I have witnessed this in dozens of people.

And good luck with dating. When it's difficult to make friends, it's difficult to maintain romantic relationships. Short-term flights are fine, but anything more serious is fraught with misunderstandings, victims and injuries.

Working while traveling is a difficult skill that I can master.

I had the freedom to travel because I'm on guard while I do it. I think being able to work anywhere is one of my best skills, but not everyone is capable of doing so, and it can be a real challenge.

Most people who travel are on vacation. They are here to have fun, to see the sights and to relax. If you want to party on a Monday night, you can and will.

Unfortunately, this means that most of the people you meet and make friends with have a completely different lifestyle than you. They want to eat extensively and drink during the day. And trust me, you want to do it too.

The temptation to treat life as a vacation is one of the most challenging aspects of long-term travel. I was able to wrap up the letter and examine the outstanding bills for a month or two. After that I would be broke.

Some people have understood it, and the popularity of working on Instagram online has helped, but many people are not. They try to seduce you with excursions, activities, drinks and parties. They do not do it out of evil, but because they do not quite understand that you can only continue if you do not treat it like a vacation.

While it's absolutely worth it, it's still hard to say no all the time. It's hard to sit and work alone in a café while your new friends are having fun. And the next day, it's hard to do it all over again.

It's hard to stick to a routine

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When I'm on the road, I can not even make a cup of coffee because I have no kitchen or pot have. Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Routine can be tedious, but also empowering. A good routine frees you from constant decisions and keeps you productive and healthy. It is almost impossible to stick to one while traveling.

You have to decide every day where to eat, where to work and what to do. If you want to eat or exercise healthily, you must constantly look for good restaurants and gyms. If you do not take action, you suddenly skip the gym to eat pizza.

And so it is with every part of your day. I always have to find coffee shops where the WiFi is good enough to work. I try to work first thing in the morning to finish it, but when I move, that's often impossible, which means I have to work in the evening when I'm tired and stink.

My favorite hobby of walking Being home for a month or two is being able to get into an absolutely solid routine. I can get up at the same time and start working right away, before I go to the gym on my way home and get the same sandwich from the same store. I always feel so much more productive there.

But when you're on the road, you just can not. The novelty is great, but also physically and mentally exhausting.

I love to travel and I was lucky enough to spend the last four years with it. However, not all coconuts are. It was hard, I'm on the brink of collapse and there have been many times when I've been checking flights home. If you want to do it, then do it. But do not look at these Instagram accounts and think everything will be perfect.

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