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The Easiest Trick to Get App Updates and Downloads Faster «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

You open the App Store to see a large red number above the Updates tab. There is a lot to install, so tap "Update All". But wait! They had to review Instagram or send a reply to a recent WhatsApp message, but these apps are now waiting for others to update first. Fortunately, you do not have to stick to the update queue of your iPhone – you can first choose which apps to update first.

Some of you are probably thinking, "Uh, if you needed Instagram so much, why not? Just update it one at a time and touch" Update All. "This post is not for people like you People like me who carelessly tap "Update All" without thinking about how this decision affects my app.

It's also possible to download a handful of new apps and games at the same time, and one at a time As with updates, there is a way to prioritize new app downloads.

WORKAROUND It's quite simple for our bugs: Since iOS updates or downloads multiple apps, you'll find the app to use right on the home screen will know that it is not downloaded when "wait" and not "wait" is displayed "Install …" Press force the app with 3D Touch, and then select "Prioritize "from the quick actions. The app switches to "Install …" mode.

If you find that the app does not immediately begin installation, press a downloadable app icon by force and select "Stop Download" Download Kick in safely. Do not be surprised if other apps are also installed ̵

1; your iPhone can update up to three apps at the same time.

Although it's disappointing that this trick only works with 3D Touch iPhones can be achieved, we hope that this will be implemented on the iPhone X R sometime in the future. Apple has already updated the iPhone X R to check notifications with Haptic Touch, so it's not beyond the ability to see Haptic Touch tools on home screen apps.

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