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The fastest way to check FIFA World Cup results on all your devices

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing, with excitement and memorabilia galore. For a crash course, how to watch, who plays and everything else you need to know about the six-week event, be sure to read our primer .

This is not always possible or ideal all watch the games. Maybe you're at work or at the dance recital of your daughter and you really want to see the scores quickly, without anyone noticing. Here are the fastest and easiest ways to track the progress of FIFA World Cup in Russia.

On Your Computer

Of course, you can open a browser and simply enter "FIFA World Cup" in the search or address bar, and Google will tell you all the things you've missed since your last review. [1

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Taylor Martin / CNET

Use Cortana on Windows. Press the Windows key and enter "FIFA World Cup", but do not press Enter . The results of today's games and the score of the current games will appear as well as the next day's games.


  FIFA World Cup spotlight "data-original =" https: //cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/HauTaSPdlN0rJkWh7XoD- 18n3co = / 620x0 / 2018/06/18/53082e3d-19a9-4aa6-9e0b -59ad087c674b / fifa-world-cup-spotlight.png

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If you're using a Mac, use Spotlight Search or ask Siri. To ask Siri, simply press the Siri button in the menu bar (or on the touch bar of your MacBook Pro ($ 1,748 on Amazon.com) ) and say "FIFA World Cup." For Spotlight, either click on the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar or press Command + Space and enter "FIFA World Cup". Like Cortana, Spotlight will show you results, running scores and upcoming games. In the meantime Siri shows a chronological list of all results and upcoming games.

From Your Smart Speaker

If you have an Alexa or Google Home ($ 129 at Dell Home) speakers nearby, you can also request a quick update to the World Cup.

Google Home

For Google Home users, it's easy to keep up with the results and support your team. Just say "Hey, Google, FIFA World Cup". It gives you all the results and current game statistics for the current day. If you want the results of the previous day, just say "OK, Google, FIFA World Cup yesterday" and say tomorrow's "OK, Google, FIFA World Cup tomorrow" schedule.


Keeping pace With the World Cup, Alexa is a little bit more involved. You must activate an ability. Go to alexa.amazon.com and click Skills in the left menu. Search for World Cup Daily. To use the ability, say: "Alexa, open the World Cup Daily". You can then interact with the skill and receive daily scores updates, ask for different teams and players, and so on.

You can also add FIFA World Cup capability to your flash briefing. When you say, "Alexa, play my Flash Briefing," you'll get all the results and results in addition to your daily messages.

On Your Phone

More than likely you will keep up with FIFA World Cup from your phone. Of course, there are countless ways to keep up with the hustle and bustle, but below are the quickest or easiest ways.


Use Google Assistant on Android to get the latest news from the World Cup. Long press on the home button and say "FIFA World Cup". Like a Google search, you'll get the latest results and ongoing scores.


Just like asking Siri on iOS works the same way Siri asks MacOS. When you say "FIFA World Cup," you'll get a chronological list of all results, up to the present and future schedule. For faster results for just the games of today, say "FIFA World Cup Today".


theScore FIFA World Cup Widget on iOS

Taylor Martin / CNET

If you want points from your smartphone (either Android or iOS) without consulting any of the wizards, use the theScore app. When you open the app for the first time after downloading, you can follow the FIFA World Cup ™ and select your favorite teams. You can receive push notifications for breaking news, how games start or end, and when a team scores. Most importantly, you can add a live update widget at a glance.

Hold Android on the home screen for a long time to add a widget. Scroll until you see the score widgets and select the widget Favorites (the smaller 4×1 widget). Select Live scores from the options and select WCUP as league.

On your iOS device, you want your Today View . To do this, swipe directly from your main screen or by dragging the Notification Center down and swiping to the right. Scroll down and type Edit and find theScore in the list. Tap the plus sign to add it and drag it to rearrange it. You can now view this information without unlocking your phone – just swipe right on the lock screen. Tap Show more to see the full day summary.

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