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The Google Home Hub is the perfect Mother's Day gift – Review Geek

  Google Home Hub in Picture Mode

When it comes to Mother's Day Gifts, it may miss a bit, but pictures of children and grandchildren are always a hit. The Google Home Hub, with its beautiful image mode and ease of use, is a perfect gift for Mom.

A quick note before we dive in: Yesterday it was announced that the Google Home team is merging with Nest and the Google Home Hub is now known as Google Nest Hub. We do not make any name changes, we only report them. No one except Google has updated its storefronts to reflect the name change, but for the purposes of this guide (which will help you get a good Mother's Day gift before Sunday), we have retained the old name. However, when you see the Nest Hub, you are looking at the same product. Back to our argument "Buy a hub for Mom!"

The beginning of our quest for the perfect Mother's Day gift was driven by a number of ideas we had gathered over the years at Mother's Day Gifts. First, almost all mothers love photos ̵

1; photos of their children, photos of their grandchildren, even photos of their grandpets. It's almost impossible to go wrong with photos as a gift.

Second, almost all digital picture frames are quite crude and suffer from a variety of interface and usability problems. Many of us in the staff had given our mothers over the years digital picture frames as gifts for Mother's Day (or birthday or Christmas), which, however, were inevitably missing.

Either they had no cloud. based service, and we updated them with SD cards (which was never done by Spoil Alert) or if they had a cloud-based service, it would be impractical to use or we forgot everything.

Third, and not directly related to digital picture frames, but in connection with Mother's Day gifts in general, many Mother's Day gifts are of relatively limited use. There is nothing wrong with getting flowers or a book she wants for your mother, but a bouquet of flowers is not exactly a gift that keeps on giving. Call us overly pragmatic, but we are happy to give useful gifts.

The Google Home Hub was our product of the year 2018 for a number of good reasons, and many of these reasons overlap directly with the issues just mentioned. That's why we think a Home Hub is the perfect Mother's Day gift.

The picture frame mode looks fantastic

First of all, the Google Home Hub is an absolutely amazing digital picture fame. We keep every home hub in our home and office as well as slideshow mode because it's just that good.

  Google Home Hub in photo mode
A Photo mode photo does not do it justice. It is wonderful. Jason Fitzpatrick

Unlike the digital picture frames you're probably familiar with (and maybe even gifted in the past), the screen on the Home Hub does not look like a cheap computer screen as it is high enough resolution that the pixels are imperceptible even at low viewing distance (and certainly not visible at normal viewing distances), and – this is the true magic – of the sports and automatic dimming mode, which looks like a real photo and not a digital screen. 19659004] There is really no way to adequately convey the last bit in words or photos. It is such a significant effect that when you install a home hub in your home and use the photo mode, you forget that it is a screen. This is how much the dimmer mode causes the photos to look like photos in a picture frame

It's incredibly easy to update and manage your photos.

Great-looking photos are only part of the equation. Where the whole plan "Let's get a digital picture frame!" Drops apart, is in the backend. You start with the best of intentions: you carefully take out some photos, put them on an SD card, put up the picture frame and tell Mama: "Next time I visit a new SD card with new pictures! "And then it never happens. Five years later you will find the picture frame in a box with the same photos as a kind of time capsule.

The hub completely solves the problem of updating-is-a-pain problem. All you have to do is create one or more photo albums using Google Photos (a completely free service), and you're in business. (If you're not already using Google Photos, you should do so, which is an incredibly easy way to back up and manage your photos.)

  Home Hub Slideshow Administration Page view
Hub example Display interface. I use the Chromecast Wallpaper album for all my devices.

You can just keep it simple and create a single folder like Mom's Photos or add more albums over time. If you create a monthly highlight role or create photos of special events such as Easter or ballet recitals, you can easily add these folders. If you need help setting up things, we have a great tutorial on how-to-geek on our sister site

Better yet, you can use a shared folder so your siblings and family members can also add photos. Even if one of you forgets to update the folder for a while, surely someone else will.

If you get your mother a Chromecast for her TV, you can use same . Chromecast wallpaper folder so she can view the slideshow on the big screen if she wants.

Finally, you can manage the entire thing through your phone. Mom wants to see the weather? Does not want it to be displayed Should the display be darker at night? Do not want it getting darker at night? With the Google Home app on your phone, you can preview the slideshow, make changes, and easily manage the device in other ways.

It's more than just a picture frame

The last two points – how good it looks and how easy it is to update and manage – there are enough points in our book. For our purposes, we would buy a home hub to give Mama a picture frame as a basis for it alone.

Where the home hub is blowing competition in the market niche, the added functionality is ubiquitous. Although the old mother never wants to do anything other than use a picture frame, she can display the time and weather directly on the screen in the corner.

  Google Home Hub plays YouTube music
Google [19659003] If she wants to do a little more with her, she can handle simple commands by looking for weather, facts, movie times and a whole host of additional features basic features of the Google Assistant asks. [19659004] In addition, you can dig deeper and give your mother so much more than just photos and weather updates. With the Home Hub, you can listen to (or even watch) news, enjoy podcasts, stream music, and in a way that is really accessible to someone who would not normally be sitting at the computer and playing podcasts, or even considering to sign up for a Pandora account.

The Home Hub really hits all sweet spots. It shows photos beautiful. It is easy to refresh to display fresh photos (and several people can update the photo directory). Better yet, it's useful for much more than just looking at grandchildren's photos. With a bit of luck and a bit of coaching, you may find that your mother hears podcasts as much as photos and she might want some accessories for the hub.

You can beat Click the button below to buy it directly from Google. However, if you are looking for a good last minute gift and need it in your hands then you can buy it anytime at Best Buy or Target and pick "local" pickup.

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