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The iOS 12.2 update has made love stories and hideous stories in the Apple News "iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks" more difficult

If you've upgraded your iPhone to iOS 12.2, you'll notice in the Apple News App that there are no Love and Dislikes buttons in the stories. Why did Apple remove it? And will they be making a comeback?

The short answer to these two questions? We do not know it. We contacted Apple to find out why they were removed and whether they will be displayed again in a future update. But we have not heard of it yet. Until we get an official answer, we can only guess.

My best guess is that this was an unintended consequence of the Apple News + subscription service being introduced. At the moment, there is no way to share, let alone love or reject, in the magazine, news, or other premium content on the News + tab. Therefore, perhaps it was just a snafu that removed the symbols "Love" (heart) and "Dislike" (crossed out heart) from the "Today" feeds.

A story in News in iOS 12.1.4 (left) vs. iOS 12.2 (right).

There's a Lot of Space In the lower left corner of the stories, the buttons are included, but right now, only space is wasted down here. The action button (also called share button) has been moved to the top right of the stories, giving the impression that Apple removed the Love and Dislike buttons. Why move one icon and forget about the other two that had to do with it?

Okay, but the real problem is why this is important. Personally, after reading a story, I will love or dislike them immediately and there. In iOS 12.2, you now need to click the action button and then swipe the action extensions to find the Love Story or Dislike Story options. That's a few steps more than before.

You can also tap the Back button and, on the Today button, swipe left over the story to display the Love Story button. If you swipe directly on the story, the "Dislike Story" button also appears. You can also use 3D Touch to look up and view the action sheet that displays the Love Story and Dislike Story options. There are no more action buttons in the Today Feed, so this option is no longer possible.

The problem with the "Today" feed options, however, is that the feed is always updated becomes. If you just browse the feed and you like or dislike something without actually reading it, that's fine. However, if you read it and tap the Back button to redisplay it in the feed, Apple News is likely to automatically update itself, push your article down, and be hard to find without you going under History. see the "history" tab.

We hope this is just a minor oversight by Apple, which has removed features like these before, to reuse them in a future update. For example, if Apple Music Star Removed reviews in iOS 10 and added them back in iOS 10.2.

As with other noteworthy enhancements to Apple News: The "Action" button no longer exists in the "Today" feed view; Apple icon replaced in feed "Today." The News icon and the current temperature have been removed from the "Today" feed, and the middle "Digest" tab has been replaced with the "News +" tab was moved in stories from bottom left to top right. and the label "Next Up In" in the lower right corner of the stories has been replaced by a simple "Next".

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