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The iPhone upgrade program does not work with prepaid packages – check geek

Apple's iPhone upgrade program provides an extremely simple and hassle-free way to upgrade every year, but as you might expect, a carrier-size hook is appropriate.

iPhone Upgrade Program Launched in 2015 And although it's probably a better business to buy your devices directly and sell the old devices yourself, there's no denying that this program is a convenient way ̵

1; you pay essentially a monthly fee, swap your old iPhone once a year and – boom – you get a brand new updated iPhone. Of course, it's a bit more than that, because you essentially finance the phone, but you have the key point.

However, there is a lot of caveat that not many buyers know about, and that's even more obvious. You need to sign up for the program: You must have a plan with one of the four major US airlines, and it can not be a prepaid plan.

Most smartphone users probably already have plans with AT & T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. After all, they are not in vain referred to as the four largest US airlines.

However, prepaid plans are becoming increasingly popular, especially as it is proven time and again that prepaid plans are significantly cheaper than the plans announced by the major network operators.

Unfortunately, those who have prepaid plans (including prepaid plans with major airlines) can not sign up for the iPhone upgrade program. When you sign up for the program, you must first verify with AT & T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile that you have a qualifying mobile plan. So you just can not sign up for the program and buy your new iPhone.

Technically there is some workaround but it is quite complicated and probably not worth it:

  1. Sign up for a new plan with one of the largest network operators.
  2. Sign up for the iPhone Upgrade program and confirm the status of your service provider with the new plan.
  3. If you have your iPhone in your hand, insert the SIM of your prepaid plan and
  4. Cancel the new plan for which you have signed up within 14 days and refund the full refund (or whatever the return time is for this carrier) It will be a hassle because you have to do this every year if you want to upgrade an iPhone. However, this is the only way to sign up for the iPhone Upgrade program if you have a prepaid package.

    The alternative is to simply benefit from Apple's 0% funding through Barclaycard. Your monthly payment will be significantly higher, with a term of 12 or 18 months – you must spend at least $ 999 to get the 18-month option – not 24 months. However, you do not pay any interest and can at least do so. If you want to resell your old iPhone yourself, you will receive a little more money than you would otherwise.

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