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The most common issues with Google Pixel 4 and how to fix it

Google's track record of new releases is so dubious that we've suggested we wait a few weeks to buy the new Pixel phones. The Google Pixel 4 is a stunning phone with some innovative software features, but it's impacted by the limited battery life. The Pixel 4 XL offers a bit more endurance, but does not last as long as we would like. Battery life is not the only issue owners of both phones have come across. We've encountered some other Pixel 4 issues and have uncovered some of the most frequently reported problems in Help Forums. Not only are we here to complain, but we will also explain how you can work around these issues or how you can fix them if possible.

Regardless of your problem, you should first perform a software update. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and take a quick look at Settings> System> Advanced> System Update, and then tap Check for updates and install They all available updates. [1

9659003] Problem: battery life is poor

Let's start it right now. The battery life of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is disappointing. There is no real solution to this – Google should have put larger batteries in these two phones – but there are many ways to make life less of a problem. We do not suggest that you do all these things, but turning off things that you do not appreciate can greatly enhance this battery.


  • We do not want to compromise and we do not like Nerf functionality, so before you continue, you should consider purchasing a good portable charger, a quick charger, and a wireless charging pad for your desk and computer Consider bedside table so that your Pixel 4 always stays charged.
  • The Pixel 4 If you want to restrict apps that you do not use frequently with Adaptive Battery, you can do so by checking apps and games on your phone from Settings> Battery> Adaptive Battery and do not uninstall them needed apps.
  • For security reasons, it is advisable to review the app permissions from time to time. However, there may also be benefits for the battery. Go to Settings> Apps & Notifications> Advanced> Permission Manager and revoke any permissions that you do not really need for the apps. Pay special attention to location and reduce the number of apps that are permanently allowed .
  • Google's new air gestures may come in handy, but they affect battery life due to the pixel 4 being alert for nearby motion. If you're not in love with them anyway, go to Settings> System> Motion Detection and turn them off.
  • Enable Dark Theme about Settings> Display . Since the pixel 4 has an OLED screen on which the pixels are lit individually, the battery will not discharge so fast if most do not light up. Dark backgrounds require less power.
  • The 90 Hz refresh rate is one of our favorite things at Pixel 4, but there is no doubt that this means a significant loss to your battery. Go to Settings> Display> Advanced> Smooth Display and turn it off.
  • Adjust other display settings. There are three things that will help that we have not dealt with yet. All are accessible via Settings> Display . First, reduce the screen timeout as much as possible, and then lock in Lock Screen Make sure that is always off at and finally in Styles For wallpaper select a background image that is static and mostly dark.
  • Turn on Battery Saver . You can do this via the notification screen or Settings> Battery> Save battery . It will limit background updates, disable some visual effects, stop collecting locations and other background app activity, wait for "Ok, Google", and enable Dark Theme . You probably do not always want this, but touch . Set a Schedule and you will find the option to automatically trigger it at a specific battery percentage, or based on your daily routine, which factors the moment you normally charge your Pixel 4 and decide when to turn it on to make sure you can do it there without the power going out.
  • You can find more ideas in our general battery tips for smartphones. [19659015] Trouble: apps that can be accessed with fingerprints do not work with face unlock

    One irritating disadvantage of the new face unlock in Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is that many apps are not yet accepting them as biometric authentication. The banking app you used to open with a fingerprint scan on your Pixel 3 may now be that you enter your full password on Pixel 4. This is true for a variety of banking apps and other apps like PayPal and Starbucks. [19659002] Unfortunately, you can not do anything but wait. Developers need to update their apps to support Google's new API. We asked for banking apps when to update them, and most responses were not very encouraging. It may be worthwhile telling your bank that you want to speed it up, but it can realistically take months for support to be added.

    Concern: Face unlock works with eyes closed

    Some people have concerns that someone can hold their Pixel 4 to your sleeping face to unlock it. It looks like the face unlock also works with the eyes closed. Google will release an update that adds an option that allows you to have your eyes open for face unlocking to work. Until then, you can try some workarounds.


    • Use a PIN, pattern, or password instead. You can set them up under Settings> Security .
    • While in lockdown mode, you can hold down the power button and then tap Lock to quickly shut down biometrics in case of doubt. Someone will try to force you to unlock your phone against your will. You can enable lock-out mode via Settings> Display> Advanced> Lock Screen with the option Show lock activated. When you use it, your Pixel 4 is reset to PIN, password, or unlock patterns.

    Problem: white balance and colored lights

    Fortunately, this probably does not affect most people. According to a red dot post that has been picked up on some pages, the Pixel 4 camera has a problem with colored lights that try to correct a shot with extreme colors and then turn it into a different, inaccurate color becomes . There is also a thread in the Google Support Forum asking you to restore the manual white balance. There is no solution, but Google may make adjustments that will be made in future updates.


    • The problem does not exist in the RAW image files. Open the Camera app and then tap Advanced and enable RAW + JPEG control . This will save the RAW file separately and you can export and edit it on your PC or use an app such as Snapseed on your Pixel 4.

    Bugs: Clicking Sounds in Videos Captured with Third-Party Apps

    Some Pixel 4 owners had a strange problem with videos taken in apps like Instagram and Snapchat that heard a clicking sound in the background was. There is a thread in the Google support forum and on reddit. Some people describe it as a popping sound or as a metronome, but it seems that it only happens when you use a third-party app to record videos, not when you record videos in the standard camera app. This problem could not be reproduced and it is not clear how widespread it is.


    • Just use the main camera app to record videos.

    Possible fix:

    • Make sure you are up to date on Settings> System> Advanced> System Update and then tap Check for Update . Open the Play Store app, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left, and then tap My Apps & Games and Update All .

    Problem: Motion Sense is not working [19659004] If you're having trouble making Motion Sense gestures work, you're not alone. There is a knack, but some people have also reported other issues discussed in the XDA Developers forum. It's also important to note that Motion Sense does not work everywhere. It is currently only available in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan and most European countries.

    Possible fixes:

    • First, go to Settings> System> Motion Sense and make sure it's turned on. You can tap each option to see an animation that specifies exactly which gesture to use. Suppose it's already on, turn it off and then on again, and try again.
    • Restart Pixel 4 or 4 XL by holding down the power button, and then Restart .
    • If you have a case or have screen protection on your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, remove it and test the gestures again.

    Trouble: The display is not always even

    The discovery that the Pixel 4 and 4 XL's screen is not constant Using the 90 Hz refresh rate to reduce the impact on the battery caused a stir. It has been found that the 90 Hz refresh rate may only turn on when the brightness of the screen exceeds 75%. Google has announced to release an update so that the higher refresh rate will work with different screen brightness levels. However, it is not yet clear what that will look like.

    Possible fixes:

    • While you wait For an update that may open more options or change behavior, you can force the Pixel 4 display to work at 90 Hz all the time. Go to Settings> About Phone and tap seven times on the Build Number below to unlock Developer Options . Now go to Settings> System > Developer Options . There is an option named Force 90 Hz Refresh Rate . Tap it and then turn it on, but be forewarned, it will drain your battery faster.

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