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The most common issues with Xbox One X and how to fix it

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever developed. It is capable of playing many games in native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and takes even less space than previous Xbox One models. This is a technical miracle. However, there have still been several Xbox One X issues – both trivial and serious – since its inception in 2017. Luckily, most of these issues can be resolved through a few troubleshooting steps, so you're ready to blast the swarm in Gears of War 4 or set a record in Forza Horizon 4 in no time. For a complete overview of the most common problems with the standard Xbox One, see our previous manual. However, if you have problems with the Xbox One X, you are in the right place. Here are some of the common issues with Xbox One X and how to fix them.

Contacting Microsoft

Method Contact
Live Chat Website
Forums Website
Self-help Website
Telephone 1-800 -4-MYXBOX (Customer Service Representative: MF 9-17 pm PT)
Twitter @XboxSupport

Games are not displayed in 4K or HDR

If games on your Xbox One X are not displayed in 4K, the problem is probably due to a setting on your TV. Occasionally it can be something as simple as the game that does not support 4K, or an in-game setting that limits the resolution to another feature.

Possible Solutions:

We've created a complete tutorial to get the most out of 4K and HDR with your Xbox One X, but here are the basics:

  • Make sure you have a "high-speed" Use HDMI cable. If you're using the standard cable that came with your Xbox One, you're already using one. In the event that something happens to the original, almost everything is interchangeable.
  • Make sure the HDMI port on your TV is HDMI 2.0a / HDCP 2.2-capable. These are the only connections on your TV that are suitable for 4K and HDR content. If you are using an HDMI switch or AV receiver, make sure HDMI 2.0a / HDCP 2.2 is also enabled. This allows you to connect multiple consoles to one or two compatible ports on your TV.

The Xbox One X Shuts Down

  Xbox One X Tests Both
Les Shu / Digital Trends

Les Shu / Digital Trends

It's the worst thing that can happen to your Xbox One X. You are in the middle of a PlayerUnknown battlefield and are only a few seconds away from a "chicken dinner" when you console is completely shut down. The screen is black and you may not be able to turn the console back on.

Possible solutions:

In some cases, your console itself might be corrupted. If this is the case, the only option is to return the console to Microsoft for a replacement or repair. Use the Xbox Product Registration Tool and enter the serial number of your system. It is located on the far right of the back of the Xbox One X and is marked "SN".

  • However, before you pack your Xbox One X for resending, you should check the power cord. A handful of users who had their system turned off spontaneously could fix the problem by replacing the supplied cable with a third-party cable. Since the Xbox One X has an internal power supply, Nyko's standard power cable sold by GameStop is said to be compatible – and it also works with the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, unlike the original Xbox One, you've gained a power adapter. You can do not exchange.
  • If you've already owned the Xbox One S, users have also reported that the console's power cord was successful. It's identical to the one included in the Xbox One X.

You are not automatically signed in to Xbox Live.

If you use energy-saving mode instead of "Instant On" on your Xbox One X, you will occasionally start your console and find that it is not connected to Xbox Live. This is sometimes due to a hickup at Microsoft, and you can simply type your login information manually to reconnect. However, this is often due to a seemingly short space in the console itself – he has basically forgot your Wi-Fi network.

Press the Home button on your Xbox One controller to display the guide and select the gear icon you want to bring to the settings screen. Select Network then Network Settings and finally Setting Up the Wireless Network . Select the network you want to use and enter the password and you're back online.

We've noticed that this problem usually occurs if you have not played on your Xbox One X for a few weeks. In our experience, this is not due to the Wi-Fi network, as both PlayStation 4 and Switch were easily connected after a long downtime.

If your console disconnects temporarily from Xbox Live, the problem could be related to your modem or router. Switch from the 2.4 GHz channel to the 5 GHz channel or vice versa, and you might have fewer problems.

You are forced to download 4K updates for games.

The Xbox One X takes over the file management for their 4K system. "Improved" games for you that can make things easier, but also force you to spend a lot more time and bandwidth downloading. One X, Xbox One "Enhanced" games will automatically download the enhanced version of the game, which may be twice the standard version. There is no way to download the standard game, even if you do not use a 4K TV. The games are not played on the console without an update. If you have an older Xbox One and want to transfer your games to the Xbox One X, this is another step between you and your games.


  • Not All Games Still Support 4K or Other Xbox One X Extensions If you have unsupported games installed on your current Xbox One, you can play them immediately after viewing your content and updating your other Have transferred games. However, this is not an ideal solution as many of the biggest and latest Xbox One games have already received improvements.
  • You can reduce latency by planning in advance and downloading the 4K updates to your original system. Open your System Preferences and select System then Backup and Transfer . The option will be displayed. Download 4K Game Contents . Check this box and the supported games will automatically start the update process. That means they're ready to use as soon as you move them to the Xbox One X.

You Can not Use Kinect

  to Take a Screenshot Xbox Kinect Angle of a Microsoft Test Console 2 1500x1000

Like the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X does not have a Kinect port built in. This means that you can not use the sensor for supported games or the Xbox One interface without the use of an adapter. Unfortunately, both the Kinect sensor and the adapter have been discontinued, so you can not purchase them directly from Microsoft.

Possible Solutions:

  • Nearly every voice command originally developed for Kinect is now compatible with a microphone-equipped headset. You can not switch on your console without Kinect with your voice, but you can use the function to move through the menus and make selections. However, you must use the Cortana Assistant for this to work. The original Xbox voice commands are not compatible with headsets.
  • Both the Kinect and Kinect adapters are still technically available from third-party vendors, though prices are already quite high. (You may pay as much as for the Xbox One X itself). If you do not really have that's a good reason to need a Kinect, and you do not want to use the original Xbox One model, just let it go! Controllers

    Occasionally your Xbox One refuses X to turn on when you press the center button on your controller. Even after you unplug the console and replace the controller's batteries, the system simply will not turn on. This is a scary problem, but the solution is much simpler than you would expect.


    • Press the power button on the front of the Xbox One X, and the system will power up as usual. and you can also connect your controller. Then shut down the system and try turning it back on with the controller. For Xbox One X and Xbox One S, we've found that this has solved the problem 100 percent. If this happens again, just repeat these steps and you can start playing.

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