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The new circular view camera – Review Geek

  The Ring Door Cam from both angles. It is easy to install and can be used as a peephole.

We have been waiting for the Ring Door View Cam since we first saw it at CES 201

9. or uninstall) alternative to conventional video doorbells, but with some peculiarities and an admittedly awful name.

Unlike traditional video doorbells, the Ring Door View Cam replaces your peephole and runs on battery power. You need to worry about not touching any unpleasant wires. It is perfect for renters or anyone who does not want to deal with a difficult installation. You simply unscrew your existing peephole (if your landlord has not painted it over) and mount the Ring Door View Cam through the slot. Really, that was it's.

The Ring Door View Cam offers all the features you would expect from a video doorbell. It can act as a doorbell, tell you when someone is at the door, record anything that's going on outside, and you can use it as an intercom to talk to guests. However, this peephole substitute also detects when people knock on your door (which enables video recording and notifications), and acts as a peephole if you do not have a phone handy.

If You're Interested In the Ring Door View Cam, you can now secure one for $ 199. This is about the same price as the ring video doorbell 2 and about $ 50 cheaper than the ring video doorbell Pro. Keep in mind that Ring is owned by Amazon. As a result, integration with Alexa-enabled products is a bit stricter than with Google Assistant. It still works with both.

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