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The new Fire TV lineup is big bucks for the Buck – Review Geek

The Amazon Fire Stick in a living room.  Show the new voice remote control.

Amazon announced a slew of things today, including new Echo devices, new cameras and so on from Ring, a game service, and a couple of new Fire Sticks with an updated user experience.

The updated Fire Stick is more powerful and just as affordable

If you̵

7;re a Fire Stick user, you might be interested in the brand new stick (shown above) which is said to be 50 percent more powerful while still maintaining the low price of $ 40. It supports HDR and Dolby Atmos but retains resolution at just 1080p at 60 fps.

It’s also 5GHz compatible and comes with the Alexa voice remote which includes buttons for power, volume and mute. It sits comfortably between the Fire Stick 4K and another new Fire Stick announced today.

The new Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick Lite is similar, but cheaper

The Amazon Fire Stick Lite in a living room

The Fire Stick Lite offers almost the same features as the new Fire Stick, but only costs $ 30. Amazon claims it has more processing power than any other streaming device under $ 30, which it probably doesn’t The hard to do anyway. It supports 1080p streaming and HDR, though there is no mention of Dolby Atmos.

The biggest differences between the new Fire Stick and the Fire Stick Lite seem to be in the remote control – with the Lite you don’t get dedicated buttons for power, volume, or mute. However, you will still get access to Alexa.

Fire TV Stick LIte

A new Fire TV interface is coming

The new Amazon Fire TV interface

Amazon also took the opportunity to talk about the new Alexa-ified Fire TV interface. This is apparently the most dramatic departure from the existing user interface that Amazon has ever made, although there aren’t many images right now to show this. But judging from the above, it looks a lot cleaner than the Fire TV surface of the past.

The new user interface focuses heavily on Alexa and voice control. Amazon points out that you can tell Alexa to “go live” to open the live TV guide, for example.

The updated interface also supports profiles that are ideal for multi-user households. It looks pretty similar to what you’re probably used to from services like Netflix and Disney +, and each user gets individual recommendations, history, watchlists, settings, and the like. As far as I know, Apple TV is the only other box out there that supports global profiles.

The appearance of the new user profile page
The user profile page Amazon

The updated Fire TV will be rolling out “later this year,” starting with the new Fire TV Stick and Stick Lite.

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