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The new GO-stabilized camera from Insta360 is tiny and can be used anywhere – Review Geek

  The Insta360 Go camera was mounted on the chest of a person.

Today Insta360 announced its first camera, which does not belong to 360. The Insta360 GO is tiny, about the size of your thumb and stabilized on the way. The $ 200 camera records 30-second clips and can be mounted almost anywhere.

The Small Camera for Your Breast

The latest Insta360 camera available today deviates from its previous offerings. Instead of focusing on 360 videos, the Insta360 GO camera records your life in action.

The camera is magnetic and is attached to your chest in combination with a medallion strap that you wear under your shirt. With additional brackets, you can attach it to a headband, to your car dashboard, and more.

 Two people are running, with one person wearing the Insta360 Go on their hat.

To help with the 'touch down anywhere' concept, the company has made the camera tiny by just 20 grams. Despite this small size, the camera has a stabilization technology that gives you a smooth video when walking and running.

When you press the Capture button, the camera captures a 30-second clip or a 15-second slow motion video. The camera stores 8 GB in the built-in memory of the Inta360 GO. The company claims that you can take approximately 200 clips per day before charging is required.

If you want to change this, you can also shoot hyperlapse videos. Mount the camera, start the Hyperlapse, and you can record up to 30 minutes of film at 6x speed.

If you're ready to edit, just pair it with the Android or iOS app and transfer your video. The app even includes auto-editing features that allow you to put together a complete video.

The Insta360 GO is now available for $ 199.99 and includes the protective case, magnetic tag, revolving stand, easy clip and adhesive base accessories in the box.

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