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The new Google Assistant: How to set it up on the Pixel 4 and run it

The new Google Assistant is one of the standout features of the new Pixel 4 with a less intrusive user interface, faster response times, and smarter integration with Android 10. Even if you have a Pixel 4, you may not see it it's due to Google's limitations, how and when you can get it. So if you still see the old wizard, here's how to get the new wizard.

Change your language.

  New Google Assistant setup. IDG.

The new Google Assistant is available for the US only. So you have to select English (USA) to make it work.

The new wizard is only available in the US. However, this does not mean that you have to live in the US to get it. Just go to your wizard settings and change the language to English (United States). This should trigger the new wizard on your Pixel 4, even if your location is in a different location.

Enable Gesture Navigation

  New Google Assistant Gestures IDG

You must enable Gesture Navigation to use the new Google Assistant.

Google offers two ways to navigate in Pixel 4, the new gesture-based navigation and the old navigation bar with three buttons. However, the new wizard only works with the newer gesture navigation. So, if you've decided to use the old buttons, you'll need to swap them in System Preferences to use the new wizard. Strangely, your G Suite account may be blocking access to the new Google Assistant.

A Google Account is basically a requirement for owning a Pixel 4 account. However, if you have a G Suite for Business account, this may cause problems with the new wizard. It's not clear why, but if you have a G Suite account on your phone, the new wizard will disappear and the old method will be restored. You must therefore completely remove it by going to the Accounts tab in the Preferences. If it's critical to your job, all you have to do is wait for the new wizard to test.

Enable Continued Conversation

  New Google Assistant - Continuing Conversation IDG

To achieve the optimum Activate Continued Conversation from the new Google Assistant.

Even if you see the new wizard on your phone, you may not get full functionality. This is because the Continued Conversation option must be turned on so that you can ask more questions. This is the main reason why you want to use the new wizard. If the "Continue conversation" option is enabled, you can post context-related questions after retrieving today's weather report. For example, "What about tomorrow?" You can find the toggle switch in the wizard settings on your phone.

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