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The Notes app for iOS 13 features 15 cool new features and changes «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple's Notes app has been a reliable method for years to write down important ideas, tasks, plans, and more. While there are apps on the market that are more functional than the iOS option, Apple now gives them the chance to earn their money. Here are 14 new features and changes that you'll see with Notes in iOS 13.

There are some great additions, such as: For example, enabled lists that receive a full upgrade, additional information in the search and support for native subfolders in the app. However, Notes is far from the only app that receives updates this year. When you download iOS 13, you'll have over 200 brand new features to test and explore.

. 1
New Gallery View

The Attachments icon has been replaced with a view switching button. If you swipe down while viewing your notes on the screen, tap this Gallery View icon to display your notes as a series of thumbnails. Please note that this option will only be displayed for note folders stored in iCloud or "on my iPhone".

If the note in the gallery view contains only text, it will be displayed in the thumbnail view. If the note contains a sketch or an image, this takes up the frame. In this way, you can view your notes in a concise way and find the one you want visually.

2. Attachments get a new home

Do not worry, just because Apple has given away your attachment icon does not mean you can not view all attachments at the same time! The option still exists directly under a new ellipsis menu (•••) in the upper-right corner of a folder. Find the same menu for your photos and videos, document scans, sketches, websites, and other documents.

. 3 New and improved search

The search can now recognize pictures in your notes. It can also find text in scanned documents. This is useful if you need to search an item in an invoice or receipt.

4. Folders can be moved

Folders have been fixed in iOS 12 and earlier. Now you can move it to your heart's content. Just know that this only applies to iCloud or On My iPhone folders, not to third-party accounts. On the main folder page, hold down a folder or subfolder and drag it to the desired location, tap "Edit", and then drag each folder from the three side lines or select "Move This Folder" from the ellipses (•• •) menu in a folder.

5. Subfolders Are Now Available on iPhone

You can now add subfolders to your folders in Notes to organize them. In the past, you could only do this with iOS on the iPad (now iPadOS), MacOS or iCloud, although you would see the final results on your iPhone. Just drag one folder over another to turn the first folder into a subfolder.

7. Sharing your Notes Collaboration Folders

Inviting others to collaborate on individual notes is not new in iOS 13 Collaborate in folders . Enter an entire folder free, for whom you want. Do not you want someone to edit the content? You can simply set the folder to "Show only". Speaking of …

8. Sharing View Only Notes

You can also share individual notes in a view-only state for other iCloud users so they can not make changes.

9. Drag and Drop Checklist Items

Notes have made great strides this year when it comes to Checklists works. For example, suppose you create a checklist but are not enthusiastic about the order. In previous versions of Notes, you must manually delete and enter new entries to make your changes. Now you can easily find a quick solution for your order by dragging and dropping.

10th Swipe to Checklist Items

For the first time on iOS, you can add check-ins to checklist items by simply swiping. These do not behave as subtasks (ie ticking all indented elements does not automatically complete the parent), but it definitely helps with the organization.

11. Move selected items to the bottom of the list

If you want, you can choose to automatically start selected items at the bottom of a list. Great for keeping your to-do list clear and concise without you having to take an extra step. This option appears the first time you tap a control list item in iOS 13. However, you can change this setting at any time under Settings -> Notes -> sort checked items.

12th Better sorting options for notes in folders

You can now sort notes in individual folders directly in the app. Previously, these options were only available in App Settings and were used for all your folders. If you want to sort a folder's notes by title, one by date, and one by date, you can do that here. Simply swipe down in a folder and tap the "Sort by …" drop-down menu.

13. New notes can be taken with one Start Subheading

Subheadings will be added to notes this year. Previously, you could only start a note with a title, a headline, or a text, each formatted differently. Subheadings now expand your notes to include a fourth formatting option.

fourteenth Simplified Drawing Tools menu

The default color options for iOS 12 and earlier versions are no longer available. The Drawing Tools menu now simply contains your tools and a general color picker. The advantage here is that you choose a drawing tool that does not hide the others so you can easily switch between tools.

15. "Import media "is now only available for photos

The symbol + in the toolbar has been replaced by a camera icon to represent the fact that only documents scanned, photos or videos can be added and added to an item from your Photo library. You no longer add a sketch from this menu, you can just draw in the note yourself.

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Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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