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The October 10 update to Windows 10 is now widely available

Microsoft's October 10 Windows Update had a number of issues, but is now available to all users. The problem is that you may still have to pull it manually. You should know the following.

The October 201

8, version 1809 update has been troubled since its inception. The worst was probably when files were accidentally deleted by users (oops). It has also destroyed network drives, ruined the Windows Media Player's search function and made some annoying stuff with Intel drivers.

Anyway, fast-forward to today, and Microsoft has apparently addressed these issues. The update was slowly introduced to users in blocks to make sure it was stable along the way. After all, you can have it today if you tend to.

Note Before you run this update, be sure to check which version of Windows 10 is already running. If it's 1809, you're already up to date and we advise against looking for updates, as this can lead to an unstable version of Windows.

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To get the update, you need to jump into the Windows 10 Settings menu. Click on the start menu and then on the icon with the little tooth.

Select Update & Security.

Click the Check For Updates button. At this point, the update should start immediately. If this is not the case, you can also try using the Microsoft Update Tool.

As I said earlier, we would not normally click the Check for Updates button as it may pull unstable Windows 10 updates thanks to the new update schedule from Microsoft. If you want to itch, pull 1809, but this is the only option (outside of waiting for the automatic installation of the update).

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