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The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification – All That You Should Know

Most of the companies around the world depend on the software to handle their processes and tasks. This software designs the architectural framework of the companies. One such framework that helps in doing this is TOGAF. This is one of the oldest frameworks that are used in major companies all around the world. TOGAF has developed over time from its first release in 1995. Now we use TOGAF 9 and TOGAF 9.1 versions.


In this article we will be looking at TOGAF 9 certification which is given to the people who are well versed with TOGAF 9 version and can use to design and develop the architectural framework of their companies. If you are planning to passTOGAF 9 certification exam, this article will let you know the benefits of the exam and the certification in your career.


What Is TOGAF 9 Certification by the Open Group?


TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework is a method that is used by a lot of companies around the world to design and plan their architecture. TOGAF 9 is the certified that is provided to the professionals who have enough knowledge of TOGAF software technology that can help in betterment of the organizational structure of a company. TOGAF 9 is a software that was released in 2009 and is largely used in a lot of companies around the world. Hence getting TOGAF 9 Certified can be a great opportunity for the IT Professionals who want to design software and architecture for their companies.


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How Can You Get TOGAF 9 Certified?


There is no eligibility criteria that the candidates need to fulfill in order to get certified. The candidates can get certified in two ways that are given below:


Giving Two Exams


The candidates will have to give two exams including TOGAF 9 part 1

exam and when they qualify TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam, they will have to give the Part 2 exam. Once the candidate has cleared both of these exams, they will be certified with TOGAF 9 Certification.


One Combined Exam


The candidates can also opt for one combined part 1 and part 2 exam in which they will give one exam and when they pass it, the certification will be rewarded to them. The single exam is much easier than the combined one and hence most of the people choose the two-parts exam.


Once you have given the exam, the result will be declared within a week of 15 days and you will receive your certificate. If you do not pass, you can sit for the exam again and can try to get certified.


Why Should You Get TOGAF 9 Certified?


Most of the candidates want to know whether or not it is ok to give TOGAF 9 certification exam and this is a valid question since the exam will require your time as well as money. Here are some of the reasons you should get TOGAF 9 Certified.


  1. Helps in Better Identification of Business Needs


Since the certified professionals share the same knowledge of the enterprise and its architecture, it helps them in understanding the needs of the company in a much better manner than any other professional can ever do.


  1. Numerous Job Opportunities


There is a huge demand for enterprise architects in the company. As the companies are becoming technologically advanced, more and more architects are being hired. People with TOGAF 9 certification are preferred over any other candidate in the interviews and numerous job opportunities open up for them.


  1. Knowledge Gain


The candidate will be giving two levels of exam for this certification and through the preparation will gain a lot of knowledge that will be extremely helpful in their careers and in managing the company well.


  1. Higher Salary Opportunities


The pay scale of TOGAF 9 certification holders is always on the higher end of the spectrum. You can always expect to get paid a lot more than the other people working with you in the company. The pay starts anywhere between $80,000 per year and can go even higher.


  1. Investment That Fits Your Budget


TOGAF 9 Certification is an investment that will help you with your future needs. The fact that this certification is much cheaper than the others available in the market makes is budget friendly as well. For the price paid while giving the fee, you will be able to earn a lot more when you get certified.


  1. Become Useful to the Needs of the Company


With TOGAF 9 Certification you will learn to manage the resources of the company and provide maximum benefits in the shortest time period. TOGAF course trains the professionals to become much efficient and increase the company’s profits.


  1. Get Certified for Your Skills and Knowledge


In the IT Field, your skills need to be validated to be useful in your career. With TOGAF 9 certification, your skills will be validated and you will be preferred for many other job opportunities.


  1. Valid for A Lifetime


TOGAF 9 Certification is valid for a lifetime; hence you will be able to reap its benefits all throughout your life and your career in the IT Fields.


All of these reasons combine together to show that TOGAF 9 Certification is a great career booster and will definitely bring some amazing career opportunities and pay raises for you.




In conclusion we can say that there are various advantages of TOGAF 9 certification and you should try to give the exam if you are working in the IT Sector or any other sector that is associated with this exam. This certificate will be an add on to your portfolio and will be valid all around the world so that you can grab all the job opportunities that you can. Make sure you only study from the legit study material and that you do not fall for the internet scams during your preparation. Work hard and you will get certified in no time.