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The PlayStation 5 sounds like an absolute beast of a console – Review Geek

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Sony's lead architect for the upcoming PlayStation 5, Mike Cerny, recently sat down with Wired to talk about the console. And holy crap, man, that sounds unreal ̵

1; lightning-fast SSD, 8K compatibility, and damn raytracing. On a console!

The current version of Sony's console, the PlayStation 4 Pro, is a pretty scary machine – especially compared to the "regular" PlayStation 4. But Sony knows it's its A-game for the new console, and the early days Details shared with Wired should be enough to excite any console player.

PC Level Hardware Runs the Show

First of all, it comes with a custom version of The Third Generation Ryzen Chip from AMD, which, thanks to its low price and relatively outstanding performance for many, many PC Gamer has quickly become a popular chip. A custom version of the Navi family from Radeon is paired, which means one important detail: Ray tracing is supported. This is something that was not a console before – and let's face it, many PCs – has been able to.

Cerny stuck to the malicious specifications and talked about load times and storage media. Loading times may be old in PlayStation consoles of the current generation (up to and including PS4 Pro) . This is largely due to the storage media in the consoles – as is the case with PCs, this is often the bottleneck for good performance. For the upcoming console, it sounds like Sony has its own SSD.

Although this detail was not spelled out accurately, the wording used strongly suggested. According to Cerny, the console will have a hard disk that "has more bandwidth than any SSD available on PCs." That's pretty obvious.

A custom SSD makes a monstrous change

To demonstrate the monstrosity In his performance, he invited Spider-Man, an exclusive PlayStation title, to a PS4 Pro and then launched the fast ride. It took 15 seconds. Then he loaded the same game onto a prototype console housed in a "large silver tower with no visible components" – and made the same quick journey. It took 0.8 seconds. What?!

And that's obviously just the tip of the iceberg for the console. It will also provide a dramatically improved audio experience with 3D audio. This should help create a more immersive audio experience for gamers that we can all engage with.

Backward Compatibility for PS4 Games

In conclusion, Cerny pointed to another interesting (and potentially worrying) feature: Backward Compatibility. It's long been thought that the Ps5 offers backward compatibility for older consoles – maybe even PS2 – but Wired's report only suggests that it will support PS4 games because it's based on existing software. While any backward compatibility is desired, the biggest drawback of the current system is that users can not play older games on it.

Of course there are other important questions here: What is the pricing? and availability? As expected, Mama is the word for this kind of thing, but Wired is confident that we will not see it in 2019. As excited as I am for the console, I'm kind of glad to hear it – I'm not sure if it's me. The budget would have to buy a new (at least for me) console this year.


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