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The simple guide to Google Maps calibration for accurate navigation

The days when you put out a paper map on the way are usually over, which means people are much less likely to roam around in new cities when they have a phone with Google Maps in their pockets. Google Maps is a fantastic way to quickly and easily find your way around unfamiliar areas. But this speed and ease of use can be quickly caught up if Google Maps does not tell you exactly how you're doing it. Or is it? I do not know, I'm surrounded by buildings and I can not see a street sign – oh, come on!

Calm down, take a deep breath. Recalibrating your compass on Google Maps may sound difficult, but it's not, and it's not about calling up any preference menus, using any weird commands, or changing anything on your phone. In the worst case, you may look silly or drop your phone. How to Quickly Calibrate the Google Maps Compass:

Quick Calibration ̵
1; It's All Wrist

Google updated the direction indicator in the intoxicating days of 2016 and changed it from a simple arrow to an indicator that looks more like one Flashlight "guiding your travels". The light beam of the flashlight narrows when the phone is safe where you are looking, and vice versa, if it is not so safe – hence the confusion of your current direction. If it's really wide, this generally means that your magnometer sensor needs to be calibrated, and since the magnometer inside the phone is susceptible to interference from chargers, metal objects, and even other magnometers, it's worth making a calibration now and then

But enough bellachaching – how is it done? The process is simple and the same for iOS and Android users – wave your device repeatedly in a figure-of-eight motion until your direction decreases.

When you have completed some of these movements, your "flashlight" should have narrowed and should respond better to your movements. Be careful while wielding your phone and make sure your phone does not fly out of your hand. While this may help your positioning, it will not do much good for your phone if it comes to a broken screen.

Accurately calibrating Google Maps is just the beginning of the fun you can have with the world's largest navigation app. In our guide to Google Maps, we've collected some of the best tips and tricks. So make sure you fully review this information to keep it completely clear, or if you really are not satisfied with what Google Maps offers you Here are some of the best navigation apps for iOS and Android.

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