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The Top 10 New Features in iOS 12 News App for iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

In some cases, the News app is incorrectly referred to as "iMessage." IPhone owners can chat with iOS users around the world. Apple has made some important improvements to the messaging app with its upcoming iOS 12 update. If you're interested in seeing how your messaging experience changes in September, check out these features:

As you may already know, the main purpose of iOS 12 is to revise the stability and performance of iOS , While you'll even see improvements on an iPhone 5s, Messages has much more to offer than just a new fast interface.

. 1 Call and FaceTime of Messages

Audio and FaceTime calls, both group and individual calls, are easily accessible directly from messages. You can simply tap the circle (or circles) at the top of the chat and then tap either the Audio or FaceTime buttons to immediately jump to a call.

When people in your group chat start a video call, you can see a "FaceTime" bubble in the chat. You can always tap the Join button to jump to the conversation. Unfortunately, the group chat will only arrive after a later iOS 1

2 update, so this experience has to wait.

2. Everyone receives filters in the news camera

When you launch the camera into messages in a chat, you notice something other than your own face looking back at you. With iOS 12, you can use filters to create unique photos that you can send to friends and family. By tapping on the tri-color circles in the effect view you can choose from a variety of fun and interesting effects for your image.

3. Everyone gets stickers

Just like filters, stickers can be used to personalize your photos in messages. While all of your downloaded stickers will be available here, you may not need one to get started, but more on that later.

The best part? iOS 12 detects the position of your face in the frame and can place stickers anywhere. This way, even if you move the camera. The sticker "stays" in the same place.

4. Text Support in Camera

If yours Spice up photos with a small text iOS 12 is just the thing for you. Just tap the "Aa" text button, select your text sticker, and type. The messages let you change and reposition the size of the text label to ensure that your text does not fall into the area of ​​the image in which you're taking a photo.

. 5 Activity Watch for Apple Watch Owners

If you own an Apple Watch with an iOS 11 iPhone, you may already know that you already have access to Activity Stickers for fitness rewards you deserve. With iOS 12, you can extend your sticker collection with prizes, but all Apple Watch users get access to the same collection of animated stickers.

Image of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

6. The camera key is now just a camera key

If you boot your iPhone after installing iOS 12, it may be difficult to find your photo library in messages. If you tap the camera icon as you normally would, the camera simply starts up and your photos are nowhere to be seen.

That's right – the camera key is now just a camera key, while your photos can be found in a separate Photos button

iPhone X Only Features

Now there are some new features here that are not found on all iPhones. In fact, the following features come only on the iPhone X (and presumably on the upcoming iPhones 20189031), since they all have to do with the iPhone X-exclusive feature "Animoji".

. 7 More Animoji

iOS 11.3 introduced four new Animoji after the release. Now iOS 12 takes a page from his book. The new update will also include four new Animoji for iPhone X – Tiger, Koala, T-Rex and Ghost.

Picture of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

8. Improved Animoji interface

If you upgrade your iPhone X to iOS 12, you'll notice that your Animoji interface is much cleaner than in iOS 11. You can swipe horizontally, not vertically, to also select your Animoji to display all Animoji Options at Once

Image of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

9. Tongue / Angle Detection

Your Animoji now has Tongue & Angle detection that adds a new dimension to your animated buddies. You can stick your tongue out with a naughty friend, wink or both from the news.

Pictures by Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

10. Memoji

If Animoji is not personal enough for you, iOS 12 offers a way to turn you into one – Memoji are identical to Animoji, except that it's you! Be like any other avatar – choose your eye color, hair, skin tone, accessories, etc., and you're on your way to sending personalized memoji to your personal friends in messages.

Pictures of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

More information: How to Create Personal Memoji on the iPhone X

Cover image and screenshots of Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks, unless otherwise specified

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